Saturday, June 21, 2008

New braces for Laura

Laura's new braces were fitted last Monday, and they go all the way to her knees this time. She couldn't wear them for a few days because she needed knee socks to go under them. Ever try finding knee socks for a child with size 5 feet? Luckily, Old Navy has triple fold socks that do the trick, and now she's cruising with her walker and behind her baby stroller. Jamie was surprised last night to see her really digging in and walking up little hills in our yard using her walker. Hope these do the trick and she'll be walking on her own soon!

This was funny...and sometimes how I feel about weeds in my flower garden. Charlie started to help me weed the garden. Then he left and came back with a new toy, pirate "tool" to help him. That's our Charlie...holds nothing back!

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