Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wild Weekend!

Well, Friday night rolled around, Jamie and I were just getting ready to watch the waiting child DVD from our agency...and the power goes out! Someone must have sneezed too hard because that's all it seems to take to make the power go out around us. So, we (Jacob included) squeezed around our computer screen to watch the DVD, hoping the battery would last. Not the best viewing, so it was pretty tough to see the kids and hear all about them. Middle of the night...the power was restored. Thank you, DTE!
SATURDAY...DVD watching, take 2! Kids are all asleep and Jamie and I sit down to watch the DVD on the big screen. Jamie noted how much better the viewing would be on an LCD flatscreen... followed by an eye-roll from me. Still, we watched as these beautiful children were introduced to us...each one with such an individual personality and story. After we watched the DVD, we talked for quite a while about how certain children on this DVD may fit into our family, and how our children may react to the change. We also realized that even though we went into this adoption with a girl in mind, God may just be calling us toward a boy. It's amazing how, when you keep your heart and mind open to God's will, His plans just fall into place. We're excited to see what He works out! We went to sleep that night with so many thoughts...
SUNDAY...Ever have one of those days when all you can do is shake your head? Well, this was one of them. We were sitting at our kitchen table filling out adoption paperwork, I looked out our kitchen window just to see our patio table flip over in the wind and smash into a million tiny pieces...small enough to fall through the boards of the deck. Thankfully, no one was out there to get hurt. Later, after cleaning up all the glass, we decided to meet our friends at the beach. Not long after we were there, a rumble of thunder was heard and we headed for our van. Within minutes, I thought we were in a hurricane. We drove home dodging branches, twigs, falling limbs, and rain was falling so hard making it very difficult to navigate our familiar roads. No sooner had we pulled into our driveway, than a large tree fell across it, blocking us in. Again, thankfully no one was there to get hurt. And needless to say...someone must have sneezed again...our power went out! Not that this has anything to do with adoption...but it's one of those days when you have to look hard to find the blessings among the craziness!

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