Friday, June 6, 2008

With Music!

Today I added music to my blog. Turn up your volume...these are special songs. I've always loved music, and when each child joined our family, a special song touched my heart at the time. The songs are in each of their scrapbooks. I've put the four songs for each of our children at home, and Steven Curtis Chapman's song is for our little one in Thailand.

By the way...the new waiting child DVD is on my kitchen counter. It arrived today but I gave my word to Jamie that I'd wait for him so we could watch it together. It's torture having to wait!!!!!


Cheryl said...

This is very cool. I enjoy it and love to keep up with my friends and family. (I'm one of those weird people who wait expectantly for those Christmas newsletters to catch up on what I've missed in everyone's lives!)LOL!

Have fun with this...

Karin said...

Very nice blog! I'm looking forward to following your adoption journey!