Thursday, January 29, 2009

Moving Day

Today was moving day...our first big change before Amarin arrives from Thailand. I figure it's best to introduce this change in small steps to avoid at least a few meltdowns. It was actually just some furniture moving and removing. Jacob and Amarin will share a room and their bunkbed arrives tomorrow. So, it was time to move. Jacob was a big help since we had to tear down his bed to move it one room over for Charlie. Those tight turns take some planning and careful maneuvering! And we had to move Charlie's "old" dresser and toddler bed into storage to be sold. Jacob gets to camp out on the floor tonight, and Charlie gets to sleep in his "new" bed. He's very excited, and I'm hoping he doesn't fall out!

Maybe now I can dust that dresser!

Filling his "new" nightstand with toys.

How did that ball get under my mattress?

A new home for jammies.

At last...a big boy bed!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hearts for Jesus

Wednesday nights I spend at church with the kids. They learn Bible verses, play games, hear lessons and stories, and as an incentive, earn points for their accomplishments. I know some don't agree with the point system, but if it motivates the kids to be in God's Word, then I think it's worth it. So, tonight was store night and the kids could "buy" toys or candy with their points. Well, Jacob, his friend, and his friend's little sister pooled their points and bought 4 chickens and a goat through World Vision for families in need of food and income. Talk about an awesome mom-moment to witness that!
Then on the way home, Charlie asked me...for the millionth time...where his gameboy was. Again I answered that I did not know. So, then he asked, "Where's Jesus?". I told him that He was in heaven. Charlie laughed and said, "No, He's in the grass." OK...I'm not going to argue that one. So, then I suggested that maybe he could ask Jesus to help him find his gameboy. So, Charlie prayed, "Bless-a-morning, bless-a-morning, Jesus, gameboy, Amen. Jesus found my gameboy." So, I asked him where it was, and he replied, "At home!" I sure hope Charlie finds it now!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy New Year...the Year of the Ox!

We don't go crazy celebrating the Chinese New Year, but I do think it's fun to take a look at it and see how much we resemble our animals. After all...who has ever eaten at a Chinese restaurant and not read through the zodiac on his placemat? And looking at our kids...I don't think the zodiac is too far fetched! :)

Jacob is our dragon: enthusiastic and easily tricked!

Amarin is our snake: wise, strong intuition and stingy with money (time will tell)!

Laura is our little monkey: witty and gets discouraged with difficult tasks!

Charlie is our rooster: determined, outspoken and confident!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just like Jacob...

Charlie watches Jacob "like a hawk." He imitates everything and just loves it when he can do what Jacob does.

Taking a picture of Jacob's domino design...

So, we need take a photo of Charlie's domino design.

Jacob is wearing headphones to listen to his DS...

So, Charlie needs headphones. We won't tell him that they're just earmuffs!

First we watch how Jacob drinks hot cocoa...

Then we use our spoon...

Then we sip...just like my big brother!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thai Board Date!

We have a board date...Jan. 28th! This means that our file and our son's file will be reviewed by the adoption officials on that day. If they approve the adoption, they will give us a travel date. That travel date is usually one month after the board date...the end of February!!!!! The only hold-up right now is U.S. immigration. They want proof that we weren't criminals while living in Germany and Belgium...ugh!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I recently ran across these photos. They are from 2005 when we were in Taiwan to bring Charlie home...certainly, not recent news, but interesting photos, and they bring back sweet memories of our Charlie. I wonder what was going through his mind at that time? We looked different, smelled different, gave him different food, sounded different, took him to strange, new places like airplanes, trains, cars, parks, markets, museums...
I remember that Charlie was afraid to touch grass or flowers. He had never experienced them during his first year of life. I also remember how much he loved sticky rice. He insisted on feeding himself the rice ("my job!") and it was stuck to every part of his body that he could reach! That was so funny!

Gardens in Taipei

Streets of Taipei

Chaing Kai-shek Memorial Hall, changing of the guard

Our new baby boy...Kao, Fu Lu...

aka. Charlie Lu Kao Miller

Christmas Day

Well, I guess I'd better catch up on my blog. We've been busy to say the least. The holidays, of course, are busy in themselves. Jamie started his new job, has traveled a bit, and is loving the option of working from home...we like it, too! I found myself immersed in Facebook...had to give that one up...too much time chatting online with good friends! And we are back to school, piano lessons, dr. appts., Wed. night church, and art and swimming start soon, too. Jacob also started a 12 week Michigan History class every Tuesday evening. He loves it and talks non-stop...literally...the entire 40 minute drive home. Here are a few photos from Christmas Day.

MP3 = quiet ride in the car for mom and dad! :)

Grandma found more beautiful girly clothes!

Laura had fun with her new robot.

Charlie loved his "light up" cowboy boots.