Monday, April 27, 2009


We've been coined a new term...Jamie and I are SILKS. You've heard the term DINKS...double income, no kids. SILKS is single income, lots of kids. Come on now...a few of you reading this fall into the same category!
I read it in a book I've been reading called After The Dream Comes True, by Michelle Gardner. It's a great book about what families may go through once their new child comes home from the orphanage or foster home. I highly recommend it for anyone who is close to an adopting family. Sometimes the choices adopting families make don't make sense to others...why not have the huge "welcome home" party? Or a big birthday bash? And what's the deal with the child's name? Why can't we come visit for a few weeks once you're home? Where are all the new clothes and toys?
Even though this is our 3rd adoption, I'm learning a lot. Ah, everyday is an adventure!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Hornets

Jacob had his first soccer game today. The weather was close to 80 degrees and windy...not typical April weather at all for these-here-parts...but a beautiful day for being outside. His team won the first game 1-0. Jacob loves playing defense, and each season, he gets more and more aggressive. He used to shy away from touching the ball, but now he's right in there. He's playing with 3rd and 4th graders, so it's little rougher...a little shoving going on, and more of a likelihood to catch a ball in the stomach or face.

We usually get a play-by-play from Jacob about what happens on the field that we can't see or hear. He said that a player on the other team was saying things that weren't very nice. So two of Jacob's teammates decided that they should "get him back." Jacob said, "Mom, I kind of witnessed to them and told them that was revenge and they shouldn't do it." I love to see God working through kids!

I'm not sure what he was doing here...maybe a block?

Monday, April 20, 2009

The little things...

I have been thinking about a new bike for Amarin. With summer approaching, I'm sure he will want to learn how to ride one, and be able to ride around with Jacob. So, this morning at our homeschool co-op, I was purusing the table of freebies that moms bring in for others that may want them. Next to the table was a red bike, all wet from the rain. I assumed someone had ridden it to co-op and parked it there. Nope. The mom was standing there and said that she was giving it away. I couldn't believe it! The bike is in wonderful condition. And what was even cooler...her boys that rode it were adopted a few years back from Russia. Can you believe this? Does God not provide even the smallest things for us?

Our week in photos

Here's our week in photos..

The first day we got his new basketball net set up in the driveway.
Jacob even plays the game in the rain!

The winter semester of Jacob's art class always includes clay work. This term, the students made "food" out of clay and they had to display it to look real. Jacob made mussels, nestled them in pasta, and added salsa and parsley to the top. Looked pretty good...even if I'm not a fan of mussels!
Can you tell where the art students liked to hang out? By the food...the REAL food!

Charlie helped make some pretzel/chocolate snacks for Jacob's art show. Yes, I made sure he washed his hands first!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Just a few snapshots of our Easter Day with family!
Jacob wanted to light his own birthday candles...we had the fire department on call...:)
Laura's being silly!
Charlie joins the fun with the hat and a "light saber" pencil!
Jacob joined the silliness club, too!

Monday morning, Laura zonked out on the livingroom floor. Charlie got blankets and stuffed animals to keep her cozy. He's just loves his big sister!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jacob!

My baby is 9...hard to believe that much time has gone by since he was born. Jacob was so excited this AM, he wanted to open his gifts before anyone else was awake! I told him he had to wait until everyone else was up, so he went upstairs, carried Laura downstairs (still not sure if she was actually awake) and helped Charlie get now that everyone was awake...he could open his presents! Love you, honey!

Jacob was sooo excited to get his light saber kit! One can never have too many light sabers, ya know...

His first set up golf clubs. He's ready to play 18!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Country Hazards

One of the hazards of living in the country...snakes! This is just a baby garter, but I know the mommy and all her friends are out there, too. A few weeks back we ran into what could have been a nest of them in the woods...too many for my liking...actually one is too many for me. I think I have a phobia, and I will no longer being going for walks in the woods until next winter. I even have the boys go on a "snake hunt" before I cut the grass on the west side of our house. There are always snakes there. Once they give me the all-clear, I proceed to cut. We also have big black snakes that someone referred to as rat snakes. me the chills! At least we're not near the Everglades in Florida where the pythons are spreading!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thailand, here we come!

It's official...we have a board date for May 20th in Bangkok. So, we'll be leaving right around, or on Mother's Day for Bangkok, and then to the south to finally meet our Amarin. He is such a handsome little boy, and I can't wait to be able to post photos of him. I can't think of a better Mother's Day gift than to add another little one to our home.

Resurrection Sunday

Happy Resurrection Sunday! Happy Easter! This is becoming my favorite holiday of the year. It's what Christianity is all about. If there was no resurrection, there would be no Easter, and no Christianity. That's what makes Jesus so different from others who have claimed to be THE religious leader. Muhammad, Buddha, and all other men were simply They were humans on earth claiming a cause. Only Jesus, and only the Christian religion, has stood the test of time, and so many critics. No one has ever found lies or false statements or prophesies that have not come true. Jesus birth, life, crucifixtion and resurrection were foretold hundreds and hundreds of years before they happened...and they happened exactly as it was prophesied. And Jesus is the only man that ever rose again, fulfilling prophesy. What a wonderful reason we have to celebrate, and in a country where we are still able to openly celebrate our Christianity. We wish you all a very blessed Sunday.

The Cider Mill?

I was telling Jacob this morning that I was excited to go the Seder Meal that our church is having on Friday. I've never been to one, and it should be a wonderful time for families. His eyes got big...."We get to go to a cider mill on Friday?" I guess it's a good thing we're going so he can see what it's all about!

Friday, April 3, 2009

We're approved!

We received our official approval from immigration today, so we are set to go to Thailand FINALLY! We're hoping for an early May board date in Thailand (we actually have to go before adoption board members), and if so, we may be in Bangkok for the Coronation celebration for their current king. He has been king since 1949, and I'm betting this will be one awesome celebration as the Thai people have great respect for their king. More to come soon when we receive our travel date!