Thursday, July 2, 2009

Be The Match

A few weeks ago, there was a drive here in our town for a little kindergarten girl who was diagnosed with leukemia. A much needed bone marrow match just couldn't be found for her, so a drive was held to give out kits to try and find a match. I was going to go, but I forgot...shame on me.
Now, in the past, I've thought about registering with The National Marrow Donor Program, but then I get busy doing other things and I don't do it. Well, today I did it. My kit came in the mail, I swabbed the inside of my cheeks four times, and wondered, frankly, how on earth they can match bone marrow through cheek swab samples. Sometimes technology is a wonderful thing!
How long did I procrastinate registering, when maybe there was someone out there I could be helping? And how much easier can it be to register, and possibly save someone's life? Have you registered? If not, why not? It's painless, and this simple procedure can't even compare to what it may do for someone else.

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