Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm learning...

new things everyday. Here are a few:

** Amarin is a lefty. So much for him sharing golf clubs with Jacob.

** Amarin has really good fine motor skills. Yes, that's the teacher in me, but how cool for the "teacher" to know this for when we begin homeschool this fall.

** Amarin loves pizza! standby when I don't want to cook. See, it's not always popcorn, Aunt Julie!

** Amarin loves the water and the beach.

** Amarin has a great appetite (great for the grocery bill) and eats the food we give him.

** The word "nam" means water in Thai. So, words like Vietnam, tsunami...they make more sense.

A lizard friend we saw running around the park in Bangkok. We told our guide, and she laughed and told us that they have these things up to 2 meters long. I'd just die right there...

A beautiful sunrise off our balcony.

See the miniature temple? These are outside most buildings here whether it's a hotel, home, car repair place...whatever. People put food and flowers on these to appease their gods. Their hope is that the gods will live happily in these temples and not come into their establishment and cause trouble.

This is our morning alarm outside out hotel window. I'm firing him because he started at 5:30 this morning before the sun even rose!

This is where the workers are living right now that are building the new addition onto our hotel. We see this just to the right of our balcony. Kind of like squatters, I guess...


Anja said...

Hi Angie,
I needed my "fix" too this morning and had to look if there are any updates in your blog and how things are going with Amarin. So glad everything is going smoothly for now. You are in our thoughts! Give him a hug from us, we can't wait to meet him, hopefully soon!


Kam said...

So fun to hear these details! Thanks for sharing! Have a great day {well...9:48am have a peaceful sleep!}
Love and prayers~

Karin said...

Awesome pictures!! Very cool to 'go to Thailand" with you. :)

amyhusted said...

Yes, another blog. Good to hear you've met some of the local animals. Oh I think that rooster would become someone's dinner really fast around here. Everything sounds like its going smoothly and it seems as if Amarin will fit in very well. Hugs and prayers to you all for your journey home. By the way, what do you think of authentic Thai food?

Adeye said...

What a stunning pics--besides that nasty lizard that is. Glory--I HATE reptiles of any sort :)

What a blessing to hear that your sweet boy continues to do so well. Praise God.

Megan said...

Hi Angie,

What a great post! It is so fun to learn all those things about our kiddos isn't it? I love seeing the pictures, too. Thanks for updating! I will continue to pray things go well.