Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today was Laura's second session of therapeutic horseback riding. The first session I didn't get photos because my camera card was blocked...whatever that means. Jamie fixed it and I'm back in business.

Anyway, Laura rides Mocha. It's the smallest horse they have, and she looks so sweet on his back...all 25 pounds of that sweet girl! Today there were only two horses in the arena, so Laura got lots of attention. The most they ever have is four at one time. One instructor moves among the horses, one person leads the horse, and one or two people walk beside Laura to be sure she doesn't fall.

Last week we met one of her "walkers." His name is Ed. To be polite, we normally put the prefix "Mr." in front of a man's name. But I just can't bring myself to call him Mr. Ed...not around horses, anyway.

Riding horses can be very soothing to the rider, works their muscles in yet another way and is just fun. The kids may come in not feeling very happy, but put them on a horse, and they are totally different!
Laura strongly dislikes hats.
Walking down to meet Mocha and Mr. Ed.
Still not happy about the hat...but I'll try to enjoy myself. Mr. Ed is so sweet
with Laura. He smiles at her the whole time.
Riding around the arena on Mocha.
Walking outside on this totally beautiful summer day!


Adeye said...

Melts my heart--what an absolute sweetheart :)

Anja said...

Hi Angie,
Tim has been doing Hippotherapy with a speech therapist since January and he loves it so much. He had been so tired of doing speech before that, but the minute he gets on the horse he just chats away. He looks forward to his sessions every week. This will be a great for Laura and her coordination, I'm sure!