Sunday, October 25, 2009

Amarin's Conversation

Most people think Amarin is a very quiet boy. When we go somewhere that has unfamiliar faces or too many faces, even if he does know them, he is very quiet and tends to stick by my side. This is actually a good thing as it means he is bonding well with us. And, no, the bonding is no where near finished. With older kids, the bonding can take months...years to make complete. Yesterday we went to a birthday party for two of Jacob's friends, and all the kids went off to play. Amarin remained by my side, or at least within sight of me until about the last hour...then he went off to play Star Wars...what boy could resist?
You have to know that when we're at home, Amarin is not always quiet. Sometimes he is WAY loud! He tries talking more at home and is much more comfortable making eye contact with us and at least trying to convey what he wants. Lately, it has been asking for help because he wants the light saber that his brother has, or a book that his brother is reading...things like that.
Today was the best, though. You may know that while I LOVE living in the country, one thing I absolutely hate to the core is snakes. They freak me out no matter what kind or what size. If I see one in the yard, I'm in the house immediately and probably for the rest of the day. If I cut the grass, the boys are sent out on a snake hunt first to be sure there are none in my way, or in my line of vision.
Well, as I'm checking in with my bloggy friends today, I thought I heard the word "snake" from Jacob. He was in the wooded area near the house, so I knew I was safe if I ventured just into the garage. Out I went, and yep...he found a tiny snake in the weeds. Jacob had shovel in hand, ready to eliminate the snake (which he claims was a rattler) and I little knight in shining armor! He's saving me from a bigger snake next spring.
Off I went into the house, to be soon followed by Amarin all in a state of excitement. It went kind of like this:
Amarin: Jacob!
Me: What did Jacob do?
A: Jacob, eesh! (making a downward swipe like he's chopping with the shovel).
M: Did Jacob kill the snake?
A: Yeah! Snake, sssssss....(and he opened his mouth really wide like the snake did). Jacob eesh (downward movement again) and snake (his arms fly around like maybe guts flying everywhere?)
M: Mommy no like snakes. Good boy Jacob.
Amarin repeated a few more noises and gestures to be sure I understood, and I made sure he understood that I was thankful that Jacob got the snake, and that Jacob was a good boy. Who ever said communicating in a foreign language was difficult?

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Adeye said...

Oh my word--I am sooooo with you--I HATE snakes. Is there a stronger word than hate? If there is--I'll use it! It is THAT bad :) LOL.

Sweet, sweet boy--and your knight too :)