Saturday, October 31, 2009

Charlie Lu Kao

3 Years ago today, we held Charlie, aka. Kao, Fu Lu, for the first time in Tainan, Taiwan. What a CUTE little boy...wide eyes, strong lungs (he screamed for his nanny!), hugely curious, and a ready smile that would just melt your heart. He was very, very spoiled in his orphanage. I will never forget holding Charlie while the nannies gathered around, clapping their hands while chanting his nickname...Fu Lu Lu...Fu Lu Lu...oh my...was he in for a wide awakening at our house! What a great transition, though. He took to us so quickly and loved to be held. And fast...he was soooo fast crawling around the hotel...under tables, up to the toilets...It had been 6 years since Jacob was that little, and Laura was still not moving much at the time. I had forgotten how fast they could move!
I will forever be thankful for the number of photos that his orphanage took during his first year of life. They sent us home with a CD with over 300 photos starting from the day he was brought to the orphanage (with his birthmom), to the day we arrived. AND...his birthmom visited him several times, along with the grandma and great grandma. Do you know how precious it is to have all of their photos in his scrapbook? That is a rare treasure, let alone just having so many photos of him growing up that first year. I often wonder where some of his little friends are now. I wonder if his birthmom still checks in to see how he's doing...
Little Charlie was a Rainbowkids treasure at 5 months of age. I'm sure there are those of you who are as addicted to as I am. I knew Charlie was meant to be in our family from the moment I saw his little photo on that website. And do you know when it was posted? On my birthday in 2006! He was home within 7's that for speed? And what an awesome agency we used. Unfortunately, they are one of many that have had to close due to the slowdown in adoptions.
So, Happy Gotcha Day, Char. We love you, buddy!

Doing his infamous bottom-shaking dance...thank you, Amarin, for teaching this to Charlie!


Adeye said...

Happy gotcha day to your sweet little guy. He sure does look like he has the sweetest personality in pics.
My word--you got over 300 pics form the orphanage? That is unheard of. Wow. What an absolute treasure for him someday. Wouldn't it be fantastic if every orphanage were that way?

Hope you had a great day celebrating, friend.

Sugar Momma said...

Happy Gotcha Day :) He is precious. And, for the record..."Hello, my name is Brandy, and I am a Rainbowkids addict"...let's vow to never search for a cure my friend :)

amyhusted said...

We were blaming Jamie for that shake your booty dance but now we know the real teacher. Charlie you are just too precious.

Kam said...

Happy Gotcha Day! What a beautiful post! I can't imagine having those photos. What a blessing. What a wonderful Lord we serve. We also got over 300 pics. But none of his birth mom. What a miracle.

Thanks so much for the pics of the kiddies! I can't wait for Sunday!

Love ya~

Karin said...

Happy Gotcha Day, sweet boy!!! Shake your booty, boy!