Thursday, October 22, 2009

No Pigs Allowed

The season is young, but no sign of the piggy flu in our area. However, as it always happens, the coughs have started. Every year when we turn on the furnace, the kids get coughs and colds, even with the humidifiers running in bedrooms all night long and the humidifier on our furnace. Well, this year I started it with a little cold, then Laura caught it, then Jacob started hackin', and now Charlie's hackin' with a low-grade fever. Amarin seems to be avoiding it thus far...maybe he built up a strong resistance in the orphanage.

They all seem to be feeling pretty good though. As I type, the boys are blasting DCTalk downstairs (thankfully) and playing. Earlier, Jacob was out cutting down more trees in the woods, so I think I'm not concerned.

The big boys did have to miss an art class today, which they both love, and tomorrow we're missing a field trip to a nature center. Since the trip is outdoors for 2 hours, and it's supposed to be cold and go for us. Now what do we do all day? I didn't plan any school lessons! I supposed I would not be popular if I quickly planned some, huh?


Karin said...

We have always had humidifiers on our furnace but this house that we are renting does not. UGH. Looks like we will be filling and re-filling small humidifiers in every room this year.

So sorry you guys are sick. :(

Adeye said...

Praying they get over the colds really quickly, friend. There is so much sickness where we live too. Nasty stuff. We're eating VERY healthy and supplementing with vitamins.

Yayyeeee---have the day off tomorrow!

Shonni said...

Hi Angie,
Thanks for visiting...
I just get the can way do I have time to grow them, mush them, etc-LOL...Caresse asked thought yesterday if we could do that some time...boy, does she push me (in a good way) to go natural!