Friday, October 2, 2009

Pray for little Ruslana

Go here to read about a potentially devastating situation for this little girl. Her family has overcome so much to adopt her, and it looks like it may not happen. God can move mountains...pray, friends! Ruslana needs a family.
There are so many orphans in this world, and I know God does not call everyone to adopt (though He does call EVERYONE to help orphans). But have you listened to God's voice lately instead of your own "common sense"? Families who adopt children aren't "super" in some way...they are like you..."normal" families who simply choose to bring children into their home that need a family.
I know...there are a ton of reasons why you just couldn't possibly adopt a child...
adoption is way expensive, kids are expensive, your kids would have to share a bedroom, you've gotten rid of all your baby stuff, you can't handle medical challenges, your kids are older, you would need a bigger vehicle, you're comfortable, how could you save for college for another child, how could you afford vacations. Well, God calls us out of our comfort zone sometimes...well, a lot of times.

Do you realize what you could give an orphan?
a family, love, plenty of nutritious food, enough clothing that fits them, a bed, a toothbrush, an education, hope, a future, safety, a home, hugs, tickle-fights, a smile, quality medical care, a lap for cuddling and reading books.
Do you realize that if every Christian household adopted ONE child,
there would be no more need for orphanages? Only ONE child!
I could go on and on, and I haven't even touched on how much these children bless a family. You have no idea what these kids bring to a family unless you have been touched in one way or another by adoption. But I guarantee, you can not give me one good reason why you shouldn't adopt (unless you're too old or have a major criminal history).
I can't imagine our family any other way...except with more kids!
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Megan said...

Amen, amen, Angie. My hubby and I were literally JUST having a conversation along these same lines. Then I got on the computer and came here. I couldn't agree more. I have the Family Finders cd from WACAP!