Friday, April 30, 2010

Art Show

My boys love art. They love to draw, and they sit for long periods
of time sketching and drawing. They're at a stage now where pencil
drawings are color necessary.
And, since we homeschool, and since I have about
as much artistic talent as a gnat,
we thought an art class would be a good idea.
We found a great Christian art teacher for them.
She prays with them before each class,
has soooo much patience,
and comes up with the coolest projects for them!
She even enters some of their work in the local
art shows.
At the end of the year, they have an art show
for parents, and anyone else that would like to visit.
Their art show was yesterday and they were so
pleased! Amarin's already asking when he
can take art classes again!
Here's a sample of their work this year.

Amarin's leaf project using warm and cool color markers.

In the spring, they get to work with clay.
Then, for the art show, they have to "make it look real."

This is Jacob's weaving project.
He chose gold and black to make it look Egyptian.

And Jacob's pencil sketch of his hands...
"peace" and "hang loose."

Know what was really special?
Daddy skipped an awesome "work" golf outing
for the boys' art show.
We think he's the coolest dad ever!


Sugar Momma said...

An art show would beat out golf for me anyday...but to a man who just might love himself some golf...he really is the coolest! Way to go Dad! Cool projects too!

Bursted out laughing to the comparison of your artistic talent to that of a gnat! Ha!

Michelle said...

I love the art! Jacob's sketch...that's ASL for "I love you." The hang loose would be thumb and pinky. We got to be good frineds with that sign...for the first year after our Hawaii trip, that's how Luke greeted everyone....guess he really like it! LOL

amyhusted said...

Awesome art boys!! Good job.

Megan said...

Way to go, Dad! And I love the art! This home school mom had the artistic talent of a gnat as well!! LOL