Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Handle With Care

Jenna Mei is about to get a big surprise!
We'll be mailing this to China very soon.
I hope she likes her presents.
I hope the clothes fit her.
I hope the caretakers take lots of photos with the camera.
I hope she thinks we look friendly in the photos.
I hope she won't have to be in China for much longer.


Jean said...

She will love it!! How wonderful!!

So excited for her to receive her gift from her new family!!

Yippee Jesus!!

Megan said...

I hope she gets to meet her Mom and Dad soon! And brothers and sister, too!

Love the package!!

Kam said...

How sweet, Angie! I must say...I'm envious of you! In a good, God honoring way of course!!!

I'm wondering if God is pricking my heart for China...just can't quit thinking about it. Wondering if we have a son there. I've thought in the past that we'd go back to Thailand if we adopted again. Now I'm feeling led to China. That may be because Kay Bratt is speaking at our church in a few weeks though! lol!

Seriously though, so excited for you and so encouraged to see God work!

Love and hugs!
Godspeed little package~

Sugar Momma said...

Me Too!! I hope she is home VERY soon :)

Cari said...

She'll have lots of fun things to look at and play with! We just developed two disposable cameras from Sami's foster family...very interesting.

Jenny said...

I love love love it!!!

amyhusted said...

Oh Jenna, your family loves you so much - What a celebration!!