Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Does anyone else enjoy cleaning out and organizing closets?
Especially those of pack-rats?
It actually gives me a sense of accomplishment
when I look and see it tidy, clean, and with clothes
for the current season.

It also makes me realize how much we have in excess.
I mean, it necessary for one child to have 20 t-shirts?
I'm not kidding!
And 4 pair of tennies...2 for play and 2 for "good?"
We're tucking some away for Charlie,
(love hand-me-downs)
and giving some to our friends that have younger boys.

The boys had the job of going through their art/craft box...
which usually accumulates whatever they decide to
toss in on the spur of the moment.

Ahhhh...much better.

Wait a minute!

Who left the marble in the middle of the closet floor??

Just kidding...I'm really not that type-A.

Just ask my hubby and kids...

on second thought...



Megan said...

Oh, I too love cleaning and organizing closets! It does seem like a never ending project though, I could just keep going from closet to closet!! Looks great, enjoy!!

Karin said...

Can you please come to my house and help me?!?! :)))

Adeye said...

Great job, my friend. Looks fabulous.