Sunday, May 23, 2010

Christians and Adoption's a bet.
Betcha can't watch this video without
a few tears.
It's an awesome video with testimonies
from adoptive families that attended
Christian Alliance For Orphans Adoption
Summit in MN a few weeks back.
I am SO THERE next year!
There's a movement happening in Christian families
right now.
A movement to fulfull James 1:27...and it's
nothing short of exciting!
It's not always an easy road, and there are
sacrifices to having a big family.
But families on this track would not change a thing...
except maybe beg their husband for a bigger van...
just hinting in case Jamie's reading!! :)
Click on this link below, then scroll down until you
see the video on that screen to watch.
PS. I know there was controversy over a comment PR made during
an interview, but it's not in this portion of the video. With grace,
let's look beyond the comment and into the heart of families
that have adopted.

Monday, May 17, 2010

More Soccer

Just some more soccer photos. Saturday was such a nice morning
with the warm sunshine. After a week of rain and flooding,
I was about ready to build an ark!

Amarin's first goal of the season.
Can you tell he's a bit excited about it?

High-fives from a teammate, buddy!

And he scores!
Jacob and Amarin still play on the same team
and they won on Saturday.

Perfect opportunity...the goalie isn't looking, and no other
players are in the area!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just For Fun

Just some fun photos of the kids. Jamie is loving his new camera, and capturing
expressions and movement that he couldn't
with the old camera.
Here's Laura...I just love the candid shots.

Amarin outside doing his chores.
Charlie having fun with his cousins.

Jacob, the sea pirate!

Jacob making a motor...he was so happy that it really worked!

Helping my almost-6-year-old with her somersaults.
She can't be that old yet, can she?
It feels like she just came home from China!

And the happy squeal...

Now I try myself, mom. This is as much as she's
figured out so far. Then she crawls back for more help.

Laura and her patient dog, Ruffey.

Friday, May 14, 2010

C*medy Centr*l...Not Funny

Sometimes I feel like I'm becoming an activist. It's like there's a never-ending battle for goodness and morals in society. Somedays, I think I'd prefer to bury my head in the sand and just pretend that TV shows are funny, music shares hope, kids are innocent, adults have morals, and love abounds. But, like 2 Timothy 3 states, there will be difficult times.
A friend sent me this email, and she granted me permission to share it. Thanks, Joy!
The Comedy Central network has a long history of denigrating Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. Now, they are developing a new series called "JC" that will openly mock Jesus and give Comedy Central even more time and latitude to increase their attacks on a religion practiced by 80 percent of Americans.
Just weeks ago, Comedy Central censored a depiction of the prophet Mohammad after intense Muslim protest. But Christians are fair game!
I am outraged by this unabashed double standard, and I'm protesting against Comedy Central and its parent company Viacom and their plans to air this show mocking Christians.
I have just added my name to a Media Research Center petition, and I'm urging you to do the same by clicking here now:
We cannot allow the Hollywood Elite and the left-wing media to continue to savage Christians. That's why I'm taking action and I hope you will do the same.
Thanks for joining with me.
Mrs. Joy Boots

Friday, May 7, 2010

Filling The Hole

We're working on "filling the hole." You know,
"the hole in our gospel?"
See a couple posts down, and you can read
more if you missed it.
And as you read this,
know that I'm NOT exalting our family in any way.
What we did today should not be looked upon as
extraordinary, but ordinary for Christians.
You know the song...and they'll know we are
Christians by our love, by our love...
We're trying to serve as a family in our community
and abroad.
We're trying to be the Christians Jesus talked about
in the gospel,
not just Sunday church goers.
We need to reach outside of the church walls, my friends.
Going to church isn't going to do a lick of good
unless we take what we learn there
and put it to good use.
And there are so many ways to serve others.
And kids...well they need to be serving, too.
There isn't a child too small to make a difference.
And if they grow up serving others,
they will see it as an awesome opportunity,
rather than a burden and someone else's job.
It's easy to sit back and grumble about the morals
of our world, or the poor and homeless that
"litter" the city and smell bad.
It's easy to sympathize with the orphans,
or the children living in poverty.
But it shouldn't be that way.
For decades, we, as Christians, have failed to do what God
called us to do.
Do you realize how many millions of Christians
there are just in America...the land of the wealthy and prosperous?
And do you realize the difference these Christians could make
if they would get off their lazy bums and do
something to help?
So let's go!
Let's get God's work done!
We can change the world for better!
Let's be the people that stand out in the crowd,
not for our own glory, but
so others can see God's love through us.
Let's strive to hear those words from God,
"Well done, good and faithful servant."
Donning their aprons and gloves,
they picked up and scraped a ton of dirty dishes
at this senior home...and with smiles.
I'll have to remind them of those smiles when
they're cleaning the dishes at home! :)
Amarin was scoping out more dirty dishes.

Jacob and Charlie working together.

After we served, Jacob entertained on the piano.
He has been totally against playing anywhere in public...
just too embarrassed.
But we prayed about it several times
before coming this morning
and he was much more at ease than he thought.
He did a great job, and the seniors loved it.
Charlie...creating some comedy while Jacob's playing.
He does have the gift of making others laugh!
(Sorry about the blur...I think Jamie hid his new
camera on me until he gives me a I'm
using my old one that blurs easily!)

So, what do you do as a family to serve others? Leave a comment so we can all get some great ideas!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Soccer & A New Camera

Jamie got a new camera for his birthday and was eager to try out some action shots.
Soccer was the perfect place to try!
Here's Char and his buddy after the game...
still lots of energy!

Jacob, again

My baby snuggling between plays.

Jacob "battling it out" with his buddy on the other team.

Go, Char!

Watch the ball, Char!

Jacob and his buddy, again.

Don't ya love Bob, the Tomato?

Amarin playing goalie.
The big boys' coach is in the background.
He used to be a missionary in Thailand,
so he speaks a bit of Thai to Amarin.

Kick it, buddy!

Making new friends.


Monday, May 3, 2010

100 Crashing Jet Liners

I'm reading a book right now by Richard Stearns, called The Hole in our Gospel.

Ever heard of it?

Did you know that there is a hole in the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Did you know that hole is you and me?

Let me give you a bit of a background on Mr. Stearns.

He rose very quickly up the corporate ladder,

and became CEO of a company in his early 30s.

His job, previous to his current one, was CEO of Lennox..

you know...the fancy dishwear?

He owned a 10 bedroom home on lots of acres.

He drove a jaguar.

He was married with 5 kids.

He was actively involved in his church, community, his

kids went to great schools, he had a great marriage.

Then, God knocked...loudly...and continuously for months.

Mr. Stearns was not comfortable with what God was asking him to do.

But it was made clear by some "coincidences" that he needed

to obey God's calling.

So, he left his CEO position, uprooted his family,

downsized his home, got rid of his jaguar,

and took a 75% paycut.

Yes... a 75% paycut!

That's a dumb move from the world's perspective.

He became the president of World Vision US.

So, as I'm reading his book, I come across a chapter

entitled One Hundred Crashing Jetliners.

Let me attempt to paraphrase the idea behind this chapter.

Let's say we woke up tomorrow and all over the news was

mayhem because 100 jetliners had crashed, killing

26,500 people.

Can you imagine what would be going on around the world at that point?

Really...think about it.

The governments around the world would be in a panic.

Airports shut down.

No-fly zones.

Military aircraft monitoring our skies.

FBI, CIA...all agencies on high alert.

Society would be scared and frantic.

What on earth happened? How can we stop this from happening again?

But wait...the next day it happens again.

100 jetliners, and 26,500 people.

Day 3...same thing.

Day 4...again.

I think people would really think the end of the world was upon us.

Reality is, this peril does happen everyday, just not from

crashing jetliners.

26,5000 is the number of children that die EVERY DAY

because of poverty.

It happened yesterday, it's happening as I type this,

and it will happen tomorrow.

We're all aware of this.

Our governments know what's going on,

but do you see dignitaries or officials stopping

to address this?

(OK...a few days in a devastated area does not count.

These people don't need pep talks by rich, famous

people. They need dedicated workers.)

Are we, especially Christians who

are called to help those in need, doing anything to help?

Why not? Because it's not next door to us?

Because we don't want to part with money that

could help?

Because we don't trust that our money will go to the right place?

Because we don't want our day burdened with bad news?

It's time, my friends, to get out of your comfort zone.

Step out and watch God do miracles.

No, we can't help everyone today...

but one person at a time is all it takes.

What are you going to do now?