Sunday, May 23, 2010

Christians and Adoption's a bet.
Betcha can't watch this video without
a few tears.
It's an awesome video with testimonies
from adoptive families that attended
Christian Alliance For Orphans Adoption
Summit in MN a few weeks back.
I am SO THERE next year!
There's a movement happening in Christian families
right now.
A movement to fulfull James 1:27...and it's
nothing short of exciting!
It's not always an easy road, and there are
sacrifices to having a big family.
But families on this track would not change a thing...
except maybe beg their husband for a bigger van...
just hinting in case Jamie's reading!! :)
Click on this link below, then scroll down until you
see the video on that screen to watch.
PS. I know there was controversy over a comment PR made during
an interview, but it's not in this portion of the video. With grace,
let's look beyond the comment and into the heart of families
that have adopted.


Megan said...

I have seen it and LOVED the families and there responses! It is so wonderful to hear about others and there response to God's call. Here is to be families!! Blessings~

Sarah said...

Really neat video! I bet you would so fit in at the summit next year!

Cari said...

Tell you're husband that I know of a good dealership in Frankenmuth that might be able to give a nice deal on a large passenger van...hint hint! :)

Kristin said...

Even though we haven't felt the call to adopt, we have felt the call to support those who do! You have our prayers!