Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Soccer & A New Camera

Jamie got a new camera for his birthday and was eager to try out some action shots.
Soccer was the perfect place to try!
Here's Char and his buddy after the game...
still lots of energy!

Jacob, again

My baby snuggling between plays.

Jacob "battling it out" with his buddy on the other team.

Go, Char!

Watch the ball, Char!

Jacob and his buddy, again.

Don't ya love Bob, the Tomato?

Amarin playing goalie.
The big boys' coach is in the background.
He used to be a missionary in Thailand,
so he speaks a bit of Thai to Amarin.

Kick it, buddy!

Making new friends.



Karin said...

Great action shots! I know how hard they are to get. :)

Megan said...

Great pics and lots of fun!!

amyhusted said...

Those are great pictures. The kids are pretty cute too.