Monday, June 28, 2010


Finally, we have our LID...log in date...for China.
This means our dossier has officially been
logged in with the CCAA (Chinese adoption officials).
Not sure why it took longer than other dossiers that
went over close to the same time,
but just glad that we're one step closer to Jenna.
Now we just wait for our Letter of Approval,
which seems to be taking 3 months or so.
And maybe, just maybe, in the meantime,
we'll receive some updated
photos of our Jenna!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two "Robins"

I'm glad I have a blog to record some
of the things my kids say.
The other day, the boys were sitting, looking at a picture Bible.
I was in the other room, and heard Charlie
say, "That's Jesus. And those are the two robins."
This was followed by hoots of laughter from
both Jacob and Amarin.
(I'm so glad Amarin is understanding so much!)
I had to go in to see what was so funny,
all the while, scratching my head as to what
picture he was looking at with Jesus and the
two robins.
It was a picture of Jesus on the cross,
and the two ROBBERS on either side.
Thanks for yet another chuckle, Char!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Little Early

So, yesterday was Laura's Gotcha Day.
I decided to make a special dinner for her.
I cooked fried rice...very easy,
and, for the first time, wonton soup...also
easy, just time consuming wrapping all those wontons!
Well, Jacob has been on this "kick" lately
about my cooking.
He loves it.
He tells me almost nightly,
"Mom, you should open a restaurant and
serve this."
Believe me, I'm not
that great.
I can follow a simple recipe,
and have been known to serve popcorn
for a "special dinner treat."
This is a kid who gets all excited when
I hand him celery and peanut butter for lunch.
Are ya with me, here?
Once again, he loved last night's dinner.
But instead of telling me I should open
a restaurant, he (seriously) said,
"Mom, I know this is a little early.
But when you die, can I have your recipes?"
Here's hoping it's more than a little early...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Gotcha, Laura!!

June 14, 2005...Laura's Gotcha Day in Nanchang, JiangXi, China.
Could it really be 5 years ago already??
Here's our first glimpse of our sweet girl in the
orphanage director's arms.
I'll never forget them calling out her name
so we could take her...
Ling Guang Yi.

Such a proud big brother!
Boy, have you grown up, Jacob!
Here she is, riding back to the hotel with us.
She always looks so scared in this photo.
Daddy time back at the hotel.

Cuddles from Aunt Leesee...

Feeding you your first bottle.
Hard to believe at 11 months,
this was all you could handle in your mouth.
We laughed at how you'd stick all the solid foods
to the roof of your mouth!
Night-night, sweeties.

The first smile...of so many to come, happy girl.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Do Hard Things

As I wrote this title, I wondered how many people will read it,
and just skip over the blog post.
Maybe it sounds too daunting!
It's actually a book written by twin, teen brothers,
Alex and Brett Harris
primarily for teens.
It addresses a lot of the "stuff" teens encounter
today, and how they can either go-with-the-flow,
or make a change in themselves and the world
around them.
It's about a rebelution.
Rebelling against the current day ideas of what the
teen years represent.
It shares some great stories about teens that stepped out
into unknown territory and did some amazing
things to help others...from running political campaigns,
to successful businesses to help bring clean water to
those who don't have any.
It's about saying "goodbye" to the idea of relaxing and
partying through the teen years...
worried about clothing styles and latest hairdos or
whether they'll be invited to THE party of the year.
You know...all the selfish ideas, forgetting that the
world does not revolve around them!
It's a great book I would personally recommend
for parents to read, and for teens...maybe even preteens.
There may be a couple sentences in there that could
bring up questions from the younger kids if you haven't had
THE talk, but otherwise a great book for them, too.
In my opinion.
Here's the website:
Now go change the world!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Oh, Yeah!
DTC = Dossier To China!!!

In short, this means the mile-high stack of papers
that we've been compiling and notarizing and
certifying and authenticating...phew...
are presently on their way to China!

Next, we'll receive our LID.
LID = Log In Date
That's the date that the Chinese officials log in
our paperwork officially into their system.
From what we can tell, that should happen
in about 2 weeks or so.

Being DTC is awesome!
It means we can breathe for a bit,
knowing that the ball is in China's court!
We're getting closer to you, Jenna!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Few More...

OK...a few more photos of our past week or so...
I would love to know the conversation that was being
had in this photo.
Somehow I think Charlie could hold his own...

And soon they're off running through the sprinklers.
Jacob is such a goof sometimes!

Charlie and his buddy, Ruffey.
I think Charlie enjoys the dog most of all.

Sweet Laura.

Ruffey is very tolerant of she
crawls over him rather than around him!

Our friends came over for some s'mores.
Jacob loves building bonfires,
and begs us to have them almost nightly!
FYI...we do not put our children in cages!
Amarin thought it was funny to sit inside the bonfire cage.

Off we went to our "old" neighbor's house.
We do miss the lake that was just across the street from
where we used to live.
This was the first time we let the boys take the
paddleboat out by themselves.
They thought they were pretty cool.
Amarin was brave enough to go down the slide this year...
after being bribed with $1.00 to do it!
And what is this face?

Kids...they grow up so fast.
Just yesterday he was wearing diapers,
and now look at him.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm Back

OK...for those of you voicing concern over where
I've been on this blog...
(not mentioning any names, Mom & Judy) :)

Here's a recap of what's been happening here,
and hopefully within the next few days,
I'll have some REALLY exciting news to share!!!!

Can you believe that not too long ago,
Charlie was scared to death of dogs?
He's now in charge of feeding Ruffey...
and catches some snuggle time, too.
The other day when Ruffey licked Charlie, this kid
licked him back...only my Char!

Ya know when it seems too quiet, and you wonder what a certain child may be doing? Well, it was very quiet...and I wondered about Charlie...only to find him folding my laundry! Just don't tell him that his type-A mom had to refold it before putting it away!

Our butterfly larvae arrived last week, and we've been watching the caterpillars grow bigger and bigger, eat lots of their food, and, well, make a big mess in the little container. As Charlie so delicately put it, "That's a lot of poop, Mom."

The caterpillars spun their chrysalids, and have moved into a new home. Daddy also found another huge caterpillar outside, and he's now under observation, too. The boys are keeping a journal of the changes they see every couple of days.