Friday, June 11, 2010

Do Hard Things

As I wrote this title, I wondered how many people will read it,
and just skip over the blog post.
Maybe it sounds too daunting!
It's actually a book written by twin, teen brothers,
Alex and Brett Harris
primarily for teens.
It addresses a lot of the "stuff" teens encounter
today, and how they can either go-with-the-flow,
or make a change in themselves and the world
around them.
It's about a rebelution.
Rebelling against the current day ideas of what the
teen years represent.
It shares some great stories about teens that stepped out
into unknown territory and did some amazing
things to help others...from running political campaigns,
to successful businesses to help bring clean water to
those who don't have any.
It's about saying "goodbye" to the idea of relaxing and
partying through the teen years...
worried about clothing styles and latest hairdos or
whether they'll be invited to THE party of the year.
You know...all the selfish ideas, forgetting that the
world does not revolve around them!
It's a great book I would personally recommend
for parents to read, and for teens...maybe even preteens.
There may be a couple sentences in there that could
bring up questions from the younger kids if you haven't had
THE talk, but otherwise a great book for them, too.
In my opinion.
Here's the website:
Now go change the world!!


Holly said...

Love it. My oldest has already read it...and my daughter will get it when she is 13.
Other MUST books in my opinion are- Preparing Your Son For Every Man's Battle and Preparing Your Daughter For Every Woman's Battle.
Not easy stuff to talk about and the book helps tremendously.
We are also reading Crazy Love as a family!

amyhusted said...

Thanks for sharing this Angie. This book will be on our to read list in a couple years.

Adeye said...

Oh my goodness, that is absolutely fabulous, my friend. I LOVE it!

I agree: DO THE HARD THINGS!!!!!!

Megan said...

As usual, VERY well said, Angie!! I look forward to checking out the book! Thanks for challenging others.

Karin said...

Sounds like a great book. Thanks for the tip!