Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Little Early

So, yesterday was Laura's Gotcha Day.
I decided to make a special dinner for her.
I cooked fried rice...very easy,
and, for the first time, wonton soup...also
easy, just time consuming wrapping all those wontons!
Well, Jacob has been on this "kick" lately
about my cooking.
He loves it.
He tells me almost nightly,
"Mom, you should open a restaurant and
serve this."
Believe me, I'm not
that great.
I can follow a simple recipe,
and have been known to serve popcorn
for a "special dinner treat."
This is a kid who gets all excited when
I hand him celery and peanut butter for lunch.
Are ya with me, here?
Once again, he loved last night's dinner.
But instead of telling me I should open
a restaurant, he (seriously) said,
"Mom, I know this is a little early.
But when you die, can I have your recipes?"
Here's hoping it's more than a little early...


Cheryl said...

LOL! Yeahhhh - a little early, I hope!

Adeye said...

Aaaahhh, sorry I missed her special anniversary, friend. Hope it was FABULOUS!

Wow, look how far your princess has come....just incredible comparing her pictures.


Amy Murphy said...

LOL! That is stinkin' hilarious! I love the things kids come up with sometimes!

cathie said...

Chuck thinks if you were a little more free with your recipes, you wouldnt have to die before he gets some of them... LOL

Sean and Lisa said...

LOL! Just found your blog and am so enjoying looking at your beautiful family!
And your boy....too cute! :)

Mel said...

Well hello there and nice to meet you, although it's only through "blog-world".
Can't wait to read some more of your entries.
You have a lovely family, too ;-)
Oh, the book you asked about we printed through "cutest blog on the block", it was my mothers day gift :-)

God bless,

amyhusted said...

That is too hilarious. Oh the things kids say. Bill Cosby I think used to have a show about what kids say. Your kids would be stars. AWESOME!