Saturday, July 10, 2010

As We Wait

...for Jenna Mei to come home, I thought I'd share a story
about how this adoption started.
Bear with me as I make a long story, well, long!

I'm going through a Bible study now with my small group.
It's one of Beth Moore's studies, called Living Beyond Yourself,
focusing on the fruit of the spirit,
(in the book of Galations).
This is the first time I've done one of her studies,
it's so fun and I'm learning a lot.
She is hilarious, dynamic, and practical.

Anyway, I missed one of our meetings when we
were on vacation, so I borrowed the DVD to catch up on the study.
I watched it last night, and the focus was on "hearing" the
Holy Spirit that dwells in all believers.
Practicing discernment, insight, and perception,
so that we can make the best decisions to please God, not the world.

Gal. 5:17 talks about sin and the Spirit being in conflict with one another.
They can not coexist in us...they are polar opposites.
So, we have to choose if we are going to live as the
world wants us to live, or how God wants us to live.
And in today's world, friends, it is hard to live for God.
There are so many things pulling us down a wrong path.
Things that may look fun, or exciting, or beautiful...
but we have to practice that discernment, insight, and perception
and follow the Spirit's leading.
Not to say that following God is not fun or exciting.
On the contrary!!
It is awesome to watch God work in lives,
and turn challenges into blessings.
It's fun to see the little blessings in our lives that we
may have missed had we not followed His Word.

As for this adoption...
(yes, I'm eventually getting to the story!).
the start was truly a work of the Holy Spirit.
See, if I have my mind set on something,
I tend to push until it happens.
Ummm...I guess that would be relying on my
own strength rather than the Spirit.
I'm working on this, and progress is being made!
And it's actually quite freeing to know that I can turn
my desires over to God, and not "worry" about them anymore!

So, I had this extra seat in my minivan.
What a waste to have an empty seat.
I thought it should be filled. :)
So, like I always do, I researched
to see if there were children that spoke to my heart.
Well, let me tell you. I could have filled buses with these precious ones!
But, I have only one seat right now.
Weeks passed, and I'd see photos of children,
share them with Jamie,
and watch his state of panic...
not really....
he just likes to play the part of a panicing dad!

But then Jenna's photo came on the computer.
And wouldn't you know, Jamie was out of town.
So, I emailed it to him...along with her information
that I had requested from the agency.
He acknowledged that he rec'd the info,
but said nothing more.
This is the cool part...
I didn't try to control this one.
I let it lie,
and that Friday when Jamie was back home,
I ran an errand and prayed that if we were meant to pursue this adoption,
that God would clearly show us,
and that when I got home, Jamie would tell me to contact the agency...
without a word or prompting from me.
The Holy Spirit was going to have to move in
him...not my nagging.

Can you guess what happened when I got home?
Jamie said, "I think we should contact the agency
and get some more information."

So, we rec'd information, and the agency told us that
several other families had also inquired about her,
other agencies had access to her file,
and that we should "lock her file" ASAP if we were serious.
Well, it was Friday late afternoon, and this was not a decision to
be made lightly or under pressure.
Jamie told me to call them back and tell them that we needed
the weekend to pray about it.
Mind you, this agency is on the west coast, so we were risking
the chance that another agency east of them could lock her file
early Monday morning.
But we prayed again, that if she was meant to be our child,
her file would still be available to us.
Monday morning came, and the east coast was snowed in and had
power outages.
Not that we were rejoicing in those circumstances, but it did mean
that we had a better chance of locking her file.
And we did.

See what can happen when we leave things up to God?
When we allow the Holy Spirit to do the work for us?
See how much more awesome it is to see things work out
for good, when we didn't force it and get all crazy about it?

In the words of Beth Moore,
"Through the power of the Holy Spirit, I can
do things I couldn't, feel things I don't, and know things
I wouldn't."

That's exciting!


Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

No neat to hear about how the Spirit was at work in your lives to prompt you to Adopt Jenna Mei!

Sarah Schellhas said...

Thank you for sharing! The Lord is so good to work through the Holy Spirit! Can't wait to meet your new little one when she arrives!

Suzy said...

I laughed out loud about your empty seat in the minivan. SEVERAL years ago I bought a minivan (my 4th, I used to show dogs as a hobby) with a dvd player hoping to entertain the daughter I'd never been given any reason to believe I'd have. My son, 20 years older than my daughter, shakes his head to this day and says, "You were scheming this out way back THEN?" I guess I had the faith of a mustard seed. I'm so happy for you & your family.