Sunday, July 11, 2010


We believe in chores.
Helping around the house is important.
It teaches discipline, work ethic,
self sufficiency...
takes some of the load off Jamie & me! HA!
Really, though.
The kids are old enough where they
can really do so much,
and they see that working together
can actually be fun,
and the finished job well done
is rewarding!
Amarin was sent to weed the garden.
Ok...I'm not even sure which were weeds
and which were flowers. I just know that I'm
scared to death a snake will come crawlin' out of there!

Jacob was vacuuming the van.

Charlie hauled the weeds that Amarin pulled.

And, well, someone had to look cute and supervise
these boys!
But there's always plenty of time for
summer fun-in-the-sun.
And, no. We're not making them
fish for our dinner.
Trust me...
we would have been very hungry!
This was the only catch of the day,
minus some weeds.

Move over Hollywood...

1 comment:

Adeye said...

PRECIOUS family pics, my friend. How blessed you are. I'm with you on the snake thing---hate 'em. I tell my kids that the only good snake is a dead snake :)