Monday, July 19, 2010

Laura's 6 today!

Today's my birthday! I'm 6!!
I'm a big girl, and I'm ready to go to school this morning.

Mommy made cookies for me to share with my teachers and friends.
They match my new birthday outfit.
I'm sure she planned that.
But even though I'm such a big girl now,
I still need my daddy's cuddles every morning.

I had a birthday party with my grandparents, aunts,
uncles, and cousins on Saturday.
Mommy made a ladybug cake for me.
It was supposed to be red...but pink is much more girly.
Besides, it would be weird to see everyone walking around
with red teeth!

Here I am with my Ruffey.
I'm excited for my birthday party to start.

I'm wearing a pretty bracelet.
Can you see it?
I'm a big girl now, and I don't try to eat it much anymore,
so mommy let me wear it.
I'm ready to open presents...
well, at least play with that big yellow bow on top there!

See what I made for you, Laura?
It's an icecream sundae suncatcher!

Jacob helped me open some boxes with his
pocket knife.
It makes mommy a little nervous.
My daddy loves me!
He stood out in the pouring rain to grill
hamburgers for my party.
(The sun shone before and after this!)
Charlie helped me blow out my candles.
I think he spit a little bit on my cake!

My cousin Nicole helped me eat my cake.
Mommy said since I'm six, I can't just dive in anymore.
I have to be polite!
Later, some bongle ball was played.
It's good to be 6!


Sugar Momma said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!! :)

amyhusted said...

Happy Birthday Laura. You have a way of lighting up a room with your smile and your hugs.

Nichole and Craig said...

Happy Birthday Laura. You are such a little cutie.

Megan said...

Happy Birthday, Laura!! It looks like you and your family had lots of fun! Beautiful cake, Angie!

Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday, Laura! Looks like everyone enjoyed YOUR day!