Saturday, July 17, 2010

No More Orphans

Just yesterday I learned about four more orphans who are coming home
to their families...and those are just from the blogs
that I follow on my sidebar.
It made my heart skip a beat...maybe several beats.
I'm not sure how old he is, but I'm guessing it wouldn't be long
and he would be aging out of the system at the age of 14.
I'm sure you can imagine what can happen to children...
yes, 14 is still a child...
when they have no one to love them or show them the right way to go.
The other is a little boy in China.
This sweet little have to click on the link above
to see him! Oh, how he needs a family to love him!
And this family, this beautiful ever-growing family, wants to be that love!
And the last two are from the Ukraine, and being adopted by one family.
My friend, who just adopted her little girls from the same
orphanage, met these children.
One of her daughters was in THE room with these two children.
From what she described, these children are living in a horrible situation.
You can read about it here.
I'm not sure about the family adopting the two children from
the Ukraine, but I do know that the other families are large
compared to the American average of 1.87.
(How can you reach an average of 1.87 children)?
I have to laugh, because people look at our family and call it big.
I do laugh, because it's kind of funny.
My aunt joked the other night about us filling up a whole long
table for dinner. I'd like to fill up two of them!
It doesn't feel big,
(until I look at the empty pantry that I just filled).
And I know it's going to keep growing this year, anyway.
But compared to the 143 million orphans in the world...
4 is barely a drop in the bucket.
Hey...10 or 20 doesn't even compare to 143 million, does it?
I don't think every family is called to adopt.
I think God speaks to certain families,
and moves their hearts in a certain direction.
But I do know that God calls EVERYONE to care for the orphan (& widow).
It might be through sponsoring an orphan so they receive medical
care and food,
maybe through financially helping an adopting family,
maybe through babysitting, or cooking a meal for a new family,
or maybe praying for the family.
But God calls everyone to do something...
God loves the orphans and wants them all to come home.
I can't wait for the day that there are no more orphans!


Lori said...

Great post, friend! Thank you so much for your kind words and for your obedient heart that is broken for orphans.

Blessings to YOU!

Holly said...

Me too....until there are no more orphans, we go, we adovate, we support others who are going...:)

Amy said...