Monday, July 26, 2010

Too Small To Ignore

I love to read.
Nothing better than curling up on my sofa
to enjoy a good book on a quiet afternoon.

I just finished the book, Too Small To Ignore, Why the Least of These Matters Most,
by Dr. Wes Stafford,

It's a wonderful book describing his life as a child
living in a small African village, as his parents were missionaries.
Some of these stories are hilarious!
There are also some tough parts to this book.
Parts I wasn't expecting, but clearly have worked in his life for good.
These parts made my insides churn.

Dr. Wes Stafford tells an amazing story, and shares his
awesome passion for the children in poverty.
He doesn't give a quick, easy solution to this problem,
but a long-term one that could spread from the child,
to the family, to the community, an onward.
Once again, it makes me long to go on a short-term missions trip.
I long to see what's happening in these villages,
and hug on these children that need to know they have worth.
That they matter, and that there is hope beyond their poverty.
Definitely a good read, and you won't leave the book unchanged.
And in case you haven't noticed, I've listed lots of great books that I've
read on my right sidebar. Most of them are available through your library!
Happy reading!


Karin said...

Thanks for the review on this book. It looks awesome. I have several books I need to order... :)

Cheryl said...

I've been wanting to go on a short term mission trip, too! I've never been. Maybe we should just organize one and go. :)