Friday, August 6, 2010

Kitchen Time

Cooking together in the kitchen is a favorite pass time for us.
The kids get to learn about food, reading recipes, measuring
ingredients, learning practical skills, chatting about whatever,
and just being together.
Between yesterday and today, they've all helped cook in some way.
Charlie is peeling cucumbers for a Greek salad.
He had never done it before and he tried peeling quickly like I did.
I told him to take his time or he could cut his finger.
"Haste makes waste," and when we hurry, we sometimes have
to throw stuff away and start all over again.
Charlie replies, "You're gonna throw away my finger?"

Jacob helped with the meatloaf. Notice the stack of ingredients...
we have to add an element of "boy" to the process!

Amarin made southwest mac & cheese.
This boy loves to help cook.
He's not sure if he wants to be a pilot or a chef when he grows up.
The way the airlines are going, he just may need to fly the plane and
serve those gourmet peanuts, too!
Charlie set the table for dinner.

Mom...I think I ate too many frosting-graham cracker cookies!

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