Tuesday, August 10, 2010

LOA for Jenna Mei

Our LOA/LOC arrived today at our agency!!!!
The LOA/LOC is the next BIG step to Jenna.
It's the acceptance letter from China which means our
dossier (HUGE stack of paperwork) is OK and as far
as China is concerned, Jenna is ours.
Now we have to wait on more US government approvals,
Hague approvals, travel approvals...
and then travel!
The way things are moving, travel may be by the end of October.
I have two bloggy friends on the same timeline, and
I'm sooo hoping we can meet up in Guangzhou!


Jean said...

YaHoo!! Congrats!! So excited to see Jenna with your family and to follow you to China!!

Kam said...

Congrats, Angie! Wow! How exciting! The Lord is good!

Cari said...

Congrats!!! October is pretty close. :) Can't wait to follow your China trip to your new little one.

amyhusted said...

So happy to hear the good news. Hold on Jenna your families coming.

Karin said...

Woohoo!!! How exciting!!! October is such a great time of year to travel. We were in China twice in Oct. and it was my favorite season there.

Adeye said...

yayyeeeee...a huge milestone :) Just fabulous nes tonight, friend.

Goodness and Mercy Mom said...

Congratulations!!! It must be so exciting to be so close to bringing her home. Jenna Mei is precious!

Thanks for taking the time to leave such thoughtful comments on my blog. You're always such an encouragement. I always leave your blog smiling--you have such a sweet family.

God Bless,

Chrissy said...

What wonderful news! What a blessing it will be to have her home. Tears of joy for all of you!