Sunday, August 8, 2010


I just love my little girl!
Aside from her sweet little self,
I love to dress her.
In my opinion, girls are simply more fun to dress than boys,
and since she's the only girl (not for long!),
I have fun with it right down to the socks and hair bows!

And look at these shoes!
Since Laura wears braces most of the time to help her walk,
shoes are very limited.
Finding a shoe that's wide enough to fit around her braces,
as well as deep enough to cover the top of the braces is not easy.
We usually end up with the same pair of white and pink tennies.
And dress shoes? Forget it!
But look what we found!
Are these not the cutest?
This brand tends to be wider, and they fit right over her braces!
She is stylin'!


Adeye said...

She sure is one stylish little angel. Can't wait to see TWO :)

Anja said...

She looks like she is having just as much fun as you do! Enjoy and soon you are going to have two girls to dress, what a blast!

Jean said...

It is fun dressing the girls!! And I love that we don't have to dress the boys- anything goes!! No pressure with the guys and fun with the girls!!

That is an adorable outfit and I am lovin those shoes!!