Monday, September 6, 2010

Almost 6,000

So, I have almost 6,000 "hits" on my blog. I have a feeling it's reached that number by more than those 30 people that have declared themselves "followers" of this blog, especially since I know some of you visit from the other side of the world. So, before the counter shows 6,000, how about introducing yourself and adding yourself to the list of followers! Thanks...'cause I know you're out there, and I can't wait to meet you!


Jenny said...

Me! Me!! I am here!! : ) Any news on your end???

Ellinor said...

Hello! I am one of the wievers from the other side of the world:-)
My husband and I have adopted two wonderful boys from Thailand, we live in Norway (Scandinavia). Please feel free to visit my blog for some pictures of our kids.

I am following the bloggroll "Thai Adoption Blogs", and that's how I found this blog. Thank you for sharing your story!