Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School

UPDATE: Laura got off the bus with a smile, so her day went well! Phew!
Charlie didn't stop talking for 1/2 hour about his day...I think they'll have a great year!
It was back to school today! I have to say...I was ready for a routine, and I think the kids were, too.
My babies took off first this AM. Their buses picked them up at 7:15, so we were up before daybreak...hence the dark outdoor photos!
Charlie was so excited. Laura...well, I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Charlie decided to sit in this chair to wait for his bus. I don't think he realized he wasn't getting curbside service like Laura did over the summer! Notice Laura's still not crackin' a smile.

Char's bus was early, but we were ready! He let me take his photo and then got right up on the bus...no hug or anything. Huh! Guess he was ready!
Then I turned around to see two other moms crying...they said they were crying for me since this was Char's first day of kindergarten. Thanks, but I was actually doing just fine!

We met his bus at the school and Daddy took some photos of our big boy.

Walking into school with confidence.
Char gets to ride with a buddy (red sweatshirt) on his bus, but they're not in the same classroom.
Here we go. My there were a lot of parents here today and the parking lot was FULL! There were even cars parked on the road.
Charlie with his teacher. Goodness, am I getting old or does she look REALLY young??
Actually, she is a recent graduate, and this is her first classroom of her own.
She is just full of energy and enthusiasm. Perfect!
Then we came home and the big boys got to work.
Here they are writing and drawing...
and, well...being boys.


amyhusted said...

Yeah, I was anxious to hear how Charlie's first day of school went. So happy for him. Looks like the big boys had a good time too. :)

Adeye said...

What a perfect day for your sweeties :) LOVE that Laura came home with a smile. So precious.

Cari said...

sounds like you're just as busy as I am...lol! just curious why you send Charlie to school for kindergarten...does that make it easier to home school your two older boys or is it for Charlie's benefit? I'm fascinated by home schooling families. I think it's great if you can manage it...a skill that I lack. :)

Angie said...

Well, all my boys have attended some kind of preschool and kindergarten. Even though I went to school to teach the little ones, I've never been into the "preschool messes" of art, projects, etc. No sooner do I get out a project than they're done with it and I have to clean up and find another activity to keep them busy! So, I like that the boys have been able to get messy at school, learn some basic reading and math skills in fun ways before I sit down with them and dive into books. And honestly, yes, it is much easier to teach the older boys when the little ones are at school...can't deny that one!

Ellinor said...

Hi, thank's for leaving me a comment! Just wanted to say that I've got a google translater on my blog if you want to read. I must warn you, though, the translation is not always good...

My boys have both stayed in fosterhomes in a village/town called Bang Sai, about two hours ride from Bangkok. We adopted through Holt.

Anja said...

Congratulations to you all on surviving the first day of school - Tim´s first day is coming up next week Wednesday and he is ALL exited about it. We have been busy for a week getting all the supplies and a "schulranzen" (German version of the backpack) and a "schultuete", a special gift bag for the first day of elementary school. Keep your fingers crossed that he will come back with a smile, too!