Sunday, September 19, 2010

You're Never Too Old...

for a little friendly competition!
Who can swing the highest?
Is it Charlie?
Or Daddy?

Or Amarin?

Or...nevermind. Jacob, you don't have a chance in that baby swing!

Ok...who can jump the farthest?
Amarin flies off the swing with ease!
There goes Daddy!

Charlie wasn't giving up his swing for anything! He's pumping by himself...too much work to jump off in some silly competition!


Are you really stuck?

Seems to me, I recall that expression when you were a baby...

Aha! Empty swings! I think I'll hike it over there before they see me!

Oops. Did you really catch me walking by myself across the grass? Without the braces
on my feet? 'Cause this is something I had you thinkin' I couldn't do even with my braces on...

OK. Not to be fires up a game of monkey-in-the-middle.
We certainly have enough monkeys around here for this game!
I beat ya to it, big brother!

Careful, Char. You'll end up the monkey!

Ah, fun times. We ended the day on another fun note. The kids got to spend time watching movies with their babysitter, and Jamie took me to see Steven Curtis Chapman and Third Day. Caleb opened for them, and his dad joined him on the last song...very cool. And, I was able to chat a bit with Caleb's wife, Julia, about Show Hope. I was hopin' maybe she'd offer to take us backstage since we're adopting. Guess I was too subtle...or too obvious!


Adeye said...

Fun family pics, friend

Wow, what a GREAT concert! That is such a great opportunity. So glad you had fun with your dear man.

Megan said...

You guys are an awesome fun family!! And what a great concert! Fun!

Anja said...

I just noticed you do have a SERIOUS PROBLEM! I know you always said you wanted to fill that one empty seat in your minivan, but what about the swings???? There are not enough swings on your swingset for all of your kids right now, yet alone with the new family member coming. I think you seriously need to get your husband to work on a swingset extension. ;-))))))
Oh, and he needs to investigate a "doggy swing" for Ruffey, too!!!
Love you all and miss playing in your backyard! Anja

Karin said...

How fun that you were able to hang with the Chapman's! :) And that fun in your backyard looks awesome!!

BTW...about taking family pics... Sunny day, yes, but make sure you take the pics in the shade--not in direct sun. Direct sun casts harsh shadows on the face. :)