Saturday, October 9, 2010

His Soft Heart

Our Amarin...home for 14 months already.
He's not often the focus of the blog.
He's such an easy child...obedient, happy, compliant, funny, and such a servant's heart.
And of all the kids, I think he has the softest heart of all.
He's so sensitive...actually all of our boys are...but Amarin especially.
Just "the look" can envoke tears.
But he's such a funny boy, too. Such a sense of humor, and a contagious laugh.
He loves to help in the kitchen, and wants to fly airplances someday.
I wonder sometimes what his life would be like had he not come home to us.
But God...He knew all along...since before Creation, that Amarin was to be in our family.
That we needed him as much as he needed us.
And that he would be the little brother needing a mentor, and also the big brother with a soft heart for his little siblings.
We are thankful everday for this sweet boy.