Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How many do you have?

How many do you have? Shoes, that is.
Most of us can probably say that we have some kind of athletic shoe, shoes for church, casual shoes, shoes for summer, maybe some slippers, shoes for doing yardwork, perhaps a pair of cowboy boots, snow boots, or fancy-schmancy-kill-your-feet-party shoes.
There are a ton of stores in which to find them, and usually at decent prices, so buying multiple pairs is not a problem.
And there's certainly nothing wrong with having multiple pairs of shoes!

But since my minivan will be full once Jenna is home, I have to find other outlets to care for the orphans. I found a great one. Shoes for Orphan Souls, which provides new shoes for children who don't have, and most likely have never had, any shoes. Can you imagine walking around in some of those unsanitary conditions, like dumps and sewer waters, with no shoes? Can you imagine the disease that is absorbed into their feet that have been cut by rocks and garbage?
So, our family has organized a shoe/sock drive at our church for the month of November, coinciding with Orphan Sunday and National Adoption Month. These shoes will be shipped somewhere within the U.S., or sent overseas through Buckner International. We were not at church this past Sunday since we had to take Ruffey back to his trainer, but apparently the donations are already coming in at church. We had to get busy preparing our treasure chest for the collection!
The boys colored some paper shoes to decorate the treasure chest.
Then they cut them out...

and finally stuck them all over the treasure chest. Looks like we're ready to go!


amyhusted said...

Love the treasure chest idea. I can just imagine their faces and can't wait to throw in a couple pairs.

Chrissy said...

Can I send you some shoes? I'm sorting through stuff that Lila is done with. I would love them to go to children that really need them.

Angie said...

Chrissy, that's so sweet of you, but they have to be new shoes. Some countries won't accept used items...I'm guessing that's part of the reason they have to be new shoes.