Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's Here!

No, not our Article 5.
I think someone ate it.
Or it's buried on someone's desk who doesn't realize how
much we wanted to bring Jenna home yesterday!
So, what's here?
It's our first online raffle item!

Why the raffle? To raise funds for our travel to China.
We just got word that because of the Asia games happening in Guangzhou,
prices could double for transportation and hotels. Ouch!
And, when newbies visit the blog, perhaps their hearts will be touched for the orphan.
So, are you ready?
from Amazon.

It just arrived today, and it's ready for some heavy-duty reading, my friends.
So, here's the scoop of how you can enter the raffle.
1. For every $5.oo donated through our Chip-In, your name goes into the raffle 1 time.

2. If you mention this raffle on your blog, and link to this post, you get one entry.

3. If you faceb**k this raffle, with a link to this post, you get one entry.
Be sure you let me know if you blog it or FB it so your name can be entered into the drawing!
Very easy!
And with Christmas around the corner, it's an easy gift for an avid reader!
We will have the drawing on November 4th, so check back to see if you won,
and we'll ship it to you.


Anja said...

What a great idea! We have a kindle and we LOVE it. The most convenient, easy to handle, hazzle-free gadget we ever bought. And every book that you read on it is one that does not CLUTTER UP YOUR HOUSE. I really thought I would miss reading the real pages of a real book, but I do not miss it at all.

Janet and Kevin said...

What a cool idea! I read your prayer request from Linny's blog. Standing in the gap for you tonight.

In Christ,

Laura said...

Awesome! Just chipped in and am linking your blog on FB!

Cheryl said...

Praying for God's provision and trusting His perfect timing in all of this process! (Linking to FB, too.)

Kristin said...

You're the topic of Fiskerelli Bellies for the weekend, and we put the link on facebook, too! Blessings!

Jamie said...

The girls and I are so excited that the days are getting closer to your family being together. We've posted on Facebook, our blog and Get Your Good On - hope this helps!