Friday, October 8, 2010

Laura's Field Trip

Laura was able to go on her first ever field trip today.
And I got to go with them!
It was the most beautiful, autumn day...
a little crisp in the morning, but we were peeling off the coats as the morning progressed.
Laura has 5 classmates, and 3 teachers.
I drove and met them at the pumpkin patch.
Here they are getting off the bus.
Laura's primary teacher, Ms. Mary, was helping her.

Laura watched the donkey and sheep.

And the corn table...that was a favorite for all of the kids.

Laura was chosen to dress up like a scarecrow.
The worker helped Laura bang the sticks together to "scare away the crows!"
I don't think she realized how much Laura hates anything on her head,
but Laura was a good sport.
Then the kids got to help stuff old clothes with straw to make their own scarecrows!
I think the kids had just as much fun rolling in it, and tossing at others!

OK...who tossed this on me??
This stuff is a little bit pokey!

One of Laura's bigger friends...I think she thought he threw straw on her. Look at that glare!

And a trip to the pumpkin patch would not be complete without cider and donuts.
"Look at mommy, Laura."
No, I'd rather look at you, Ms. Mary!
Laura's teacher is so sweet and patient, and has such a bubbly personality.
We are very blessed that she is Laura's teacher.
The other assistants in the classroom are very sweet, too.
I could tell that they all care so much for these precious children in their care.
Laura in the pumpkin patch.
My pretty little girl.

Laura had a tummy bug yesterday and missed the tailgate party at school...
for the big UofM/MSU game on Saturday.
So, we just had to show our UofM spirit today in honor of Daddy's alma mater!


Karin said...

GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very cute photos--love them! :)

Goodness and Mercy Mom said...

Thanks for taking us with you on Laura's first field trip. Precious! It is evident that she is loved by all who know her.

I hope all is well with you and your sweet family. I'm thrilled to see that your newest blessing is almost home!

Much Love,

Cheryl said...

Such fun. I miss those field trip days!