Sunday, November 14, 2010

Can I brag..a little?

Or maybe I should ask if I could toot my's for the kids!?
(pun intended...see below)

Jacob started band class this year at a Christian school. They graciously offer free band class for homeschoolers, grades 5-8. After 4 years of piano, Jacob wanted to learn another instrument, and we decided this would be a great opportunity.

So, for the first 2 months, they learned the recorder. The band teacher wanted to see how serious they were about band, if they would be disciplined enough to practice, etc. He also interviewed each student to see how well they could match pitch with their voices, hear differences in tones, etc., in order to give them some good instrument choices.

I don't know about you, but when I was in band, we just chose an instrument that we thought looked fun and went for it! Of course, I think we ended up with 40 flautists...

Well, like any "good" parent, I knew what instrument would be great for Jacob. He loves Christian rap and rock tempos, so why not play the drums? Besides, buying drum sticks is a whole lot more ecomonical than those big instruments! But Jamie and I decided to see what Jacob would come up with...
And he had a seriously different idea, and where he came up with it, I have no idea.

But his band teacher heartily agreed with him, and actually is letting us borrow the instrument for free. His teacher said he hasn't had a student play this instrument in several years, and thinks Jacob will do very well.

So, without further ado...

here is Jacob, my tuba player!
(could it be any further away from the drums?)

Jacob is sooo excited to play the tuba.

I am sooo excited that I don't have to haul that thing back and forth to band class each day...that thing is HEAVY!

So, this instrument stays at home for practicing, and in band class, Jacob will be playing the know...the honkin' huge marching band kind of tuba? That weighs more than Jacob does?


Jacob and I are both thankful that the band teacher has a special stand on which the sousaphone will rest so all he has to do is hold on and make some noise!
So, I am very pleased with Jacob for making up his own mind and choosing something that he's excited about.
Now, one more proud mom moment. And here's a hint: what does just about every mom use to bribe, I mean, encourage, her children?

Yes, the beloved M&Ms! And who might we be bribing...encouraging? None other than our sweet little Laura.

Why??? How about a guessing game?

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amyhusted said...

Are you trying to get her to say momma or daddy?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to guess potty training...we used M&M's! Hooray for the tuba player! I love the sound of that low, deep brass!