Sunday, November 28, 2010

Charlie's Prayer

It was time to eat. I was sitting at the table with the kids, nursing a headache, ready to eat pizza for the 3rd night in a row. But, we're thankful for food, right?
And, Daddy was on the road for work.
Charlie: Mom, can I pray?
Me: Sure, go ahead.
Charlie: Dear God, mommy's headache and feel better. Amen.
Me: Char, can you thank God for the food and to keep Daddy safe?
Charlie: OK. Thank you for the food and Daddy's face.
Jacob could be heard stifling a laugh.
Me: Thanks, Char. I'm thankful for Daddy's face, too.
Safe...face...they're so close!


Jean said...

Oh, That is so sweet- I am sorry for your headache... hoping you feel better soon.

Sugar Momma said...

So sweet! I love that he prayed for your headache :)