Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful - Day 6

Today's thankful post is for Laura, and about Laura.

Today was such an awesome day for Laura. The staff at her school organized a "Four Seasons" fashion show in which she was able to participate. Her class was modeling the summer fashions, and her teachers wondered if Laura could model her ballerina bathing suit that she had worn earlier in the summer for "beach day." Well, I teased them, that was showing a lot of leg...but sure! She's so dog-gone cute in it!

We're thankful for Laura's progress...walking well without her braces, starting to potty train, trying to use a fork (well, for her teachers, anyway!), and that sweet and sometimes feisty personality that comes out more and more.

We are thankful for teachers like these, in the background, that care so much for and are such a big part of Laura's life now. Honestly, we couldn't have asked for more exuberant, energetic, and enthusiastic teachers. And I didn't just mean to use a lot of "e" words...just came out that way! God has surely blessed us with a host of staff members that truly care for these special kids. And see how Laura's teacher is right down at Laura's level? Well, I think Laura was protesting her entry a bit because she was slapping her leg like crazy, which is what she does if she's mad or dislikes something. But Ms. Mary got right down there with her and worked it out...and the show went on without a hitch!
We are thankful for this special young man who escorted Laura in the fashion show. He was so sweet and gentle with her, and even helped her turn in a circle to model her bathing suit. I'm guessing he felt like a very important helper...and he was!

Laura's helper gently brought her back into a sitting position when she tried to scurry away from the crowd. He took his job very seriously. And I think he's on to your schemes, Laura!

We are thankful for Grandma and Papa who came to watch your debut before heading off on their vacation...a warm vacation, I might add! And we're thankful that Daddy surprised us, too, because we didn't think he was coming today!

Thankful for Papa's cuddles.
Sorry, Laura, but you do have to go back to school...not Papa's house!


Sugar Momma said...

Love it!! Laura seems to be on the fast track with all her new accomplishments :) She is just precious Angie :)

Karin said...

that is just the most precious post!

Cheryl said...

It has been so fun to see Laura smiling so big - like in that first photo-so often, these days. I hate to overuse a word, but "precious" is what comes to mind.