Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful - Day 7

We're excited that Thanksgiving is only two days away, as well as...
*baking cookies with my oldest boys...homeschool at its finest!
*watching their looks of unbelief as I had the nerve to lick the spatula after baking cookies!
*preparing Indian headbands with feathers for the kids to wear at dinner Thursday.
*standing back and looking at my freshly scrubbed carpet.
*seeing Amarin's proud smile after making his bank deposit all by himself.
*helping at Charlie's Thanksgiving party at his school.
*that Charlie's principal prayed before they ate, efforting to imitate the First Thanksgiving
*seeing Charlie interact with his classmates, as well as being the social butterfly with the other classes in the hallway. How does he know so many kids?
*cuddling with Laura as I read the Guideposts magazine to her by the fire.
*friends willing to take the older boys so I could help in Char's classroom.
*the homemade gifts Charlie handed out to everyone in the family...no matter that half of what he gave us came from his brothers' closet!
*my husband's heart, wanting to help those in need.
*heart-warming stories I've read today about homecomings of many children who are no longer orphans.

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Adeye said...

Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend.