Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What is Large?

So, what is the definition of a large family? I don't know...I used to think 4 kids was a large family. Now, it doesn't seem that big. 5 seems like a big family, but once Jenna's home, maybe that won't seem so large after all. Sometimes when we're around families with just a couple kids, I feel like we're crazy (literally) big...with kids running in every direction. I mean, Jamie and I are seriously outnumbered, and the older we get, the quicker they get!

But we've never been called "big." Until yesterday. And it wasn't even spoken out loud. was in the form of writing. You see, when Jamie and I bought our first house, we bought a new kitchen table and chairs...4 chairs...which seemed ample enough. Ahem. Eleven years and almost 5 kids later, we do not have enough chairs. Luckily, at least we bought a table that expanded!

So, my friendly UPS man delivered the solution yesterday...2 kitchen table benches. We now will have plenty of room to seat our 7 person family. And as Jacob calculated, there is still room for the brother and sister he wants to adopt from Africa. Love that kid's heart! Just wish my pocket book was as deep as his heart!

So, here it is. "great for large families."
I guess this means we are officially LARGE!


Adeye said...'ve arrived, friend! You're officially a LARGE family...and it could not be more blessed.

Sugar Momma said...

Is this what they mean when they say "living large"? :) It makes me think of Luke 16:10...girl, all I can say is you and Jamie have been faithful with little and and trusted with much :)

amyhusted said...

It makes me smile - coming from a big family I know what a blessing you have given your children.