Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Decking the Halls

Time to start trimming the tree!
OK...we're not so bad that this is our only Christmas tree, but isn't it cute?
A friend gave us this tree-in-a-box, and the boys had fun folding all of the paper, and putting it together.
Amarin was working on paper folding ornaments. He loves to do that kind of stuff. My engineer.
My little elves helping in the kitchen.

Laura watched from a comfy chair. Poor sweetie...she has been fighting a nasty virus since last Thursday. I feel so bad when I can't figure out what hurts.

His 2nd Christmas home...he's got this decorating thing down pat!

My littlest elf

My beautiful tree...well, it will be as soon as we stick all those plastic branches into the pole! As fun as some of you make it look, I'm quite happy pulling my tree out of a box in my warm home. Ya'll have fun cutting down that tree in the snow!

Laura was not impressed with our attempt to include her in on the merriment.

Getting some lovin' from big brother, Jacob.

I just love my dynamo boy!

Trimming the "real" tree.

OK...feeling good enough to play with some beads on the floor. They didn't make it on the tree this year since she was having fun. If it makes her happy at this point...who cares about the tree!

Could he find a longer Santa hat? He has had this hat for many Christmases. He is so excited when he pulls it out of the Christmas box each year!

Charlie is a big kindergarten reader now...in his own cute way. So, since Laura was feeling pretty good, he read her a bedtime story.


Adeye said...

That teeny tiny tree is PERFECT for us :) What beautiful family memories you are making, friend.

Sugar Momma said...

So cute! I love the hats :)

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

That Santa bib is precious - and I love the tree! Now if only I could limit myself to that and save the hassle of getting a big one!