Thursday, December 2, 2010

His Birthday, His Way

His Birthday, His Way.
That was one of the mottos of this HUGE Christmas store.
It claims to be the biggest Christmas store in the world...and I can believe it!
What Jacob thought was cool, was that the word Christmas was written like this:
CHRISTmas. And that when we left, we were given a tract (explaining salvation through Jesus Christ) in our shopping bag.
Well, we were able to attend another fun field trip here with Laura's class.
Here we are...waiting for her school bus to arrive.

OK...Jacob has been questioning Santa since kindergarten. But this year he told me that he didn't want to know, because it would take away some of the fun. Fair enough.
But he still wasn't sitting on Santa's lap, and Amarin, as usual, followed suit.
Bummer...I wanted a photo.
Until the lady in guest services suggested that they stand with Laura in the photo.
And...since they only allow kids 10 years and younger, Jacob agreed that maybe it would be a good idea to have his picture taken "one last time."

He was a very sweet Santa with the kids,
and every time he spoke, Laura would just stare at him.
He asked the boys what they would like for Christmas, and wouldn't you know...
it's nothing they're getting! But don't tell them!
Laura could fit in this stocking, I think. What a fun present she would be!
Her look tells me that she's not impressed with the idea.

This is one of Laura's best friends. I hadn't really seen them interact much, but today they sure did! Laura walked right up to him, put her hands on him, and started "talking."
He "talked" back to her in his cute little voice.
Doesn't it look like I just interrupted their conversation?

I stepped back and let them talk.

Sweet friends.


amyhusted said...

That would have brought tears in my eyes and a very big grin on my face.

Sugar Momma said...

Chills...that last picture is priceless :) I love that about Jacob too...sometimes it is better not to know, especially if it takes the fun out of it. It reminds me of getting a lot of mail and then finding out it is all bills :( Ha!

Cheryl said...

I felt the same way as Jacob did - I really never wanted to know even though. I think I said that in 5th grade...Sweet pictures of Laura with her "Sweet" friend.