Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Narnia" White!

It's our first snow storm of the season, and it is quite pretty. We woke up to a winter wonderland...the trees just hanging with snow. I love it when the snow sticks to everything.
The boys say it looks like Narnia. I think everything will remind them of Narnia for a while, after seeing the movie.
We stayed tucked in our warm home today. No venturing out on the snowy/icy dirt roads for us. Instead, we stayed in our jammies until later morning, and snacked on marshmallow cereal. After another rough afternoon/evening yesterday, Laura seems to be feeling much better this morning...
good enough to feed herself marshmallow cereal by the handful!

Oh, yes. Food is a favorite!

Next, I made the annual "keep out of our closet" sign. The boys think it's so funny to see if they can catch us leaving the door open so they can sneak a peek. Charlie helped me make signs this year.

Time to play in the "Narnia" wonderland.
Eating snow...hoping it was all white. Pardon the pink mittens. He had to borrow from Laura because his were already soaked!
Jacob must have his picture taken, too, not to be outdone in cuteness by his little brother.

A snowball fight with Dad. Notice Amarin is not posing for any photos, nor would be take part in any snowball fight, even when Dad aimed at him. He later told me that he was too busy building snowmen and forts. He has been waiting since October for enough snow to build! And that's my and construct anything.

Charlie is building his first snowman of the season.
Laura and I? Well, we just stay cozy inside the house while the boys conquer the "Narnia" wonderland!


Cheryl said...

Yes, I did notice you (and a few others) conspicuously absent from the pews today! ;-) We watched the first Narnia movie, yesterday and will probably watch Prince Caspian, today. It's on our list of "To-Dos" to see the newest one. The snow is beautiful - especially from a warm cozy home with Christmas decorations. Enjoy this day that the Lord has made! :)

Sugar Momma said...

Looks like a good way to spend the day :) Fun!