Monday, December 27, 2010

Share, please

OK. For those who have recently traveled to China, I'm looking for some suggestions.
It has been five years since we were there, and I know things have changed, especially on the island. So, here are my questions regarding GZ...
1. Did any of you stay off the island? If so, where? Were you near the new consulate?
2. What did you see and do for fun?
3. What about shopping? Any "don't miss this" areas? Anything like the pearl market in Beijing?
4. Things you wish you would have taken?
Thanks for your suggestions!


Lori said...

My friend just got back (4th China adoption) from China. For the first time, they stayed off the island and LOVED it! They stayed at the Garden Hotel and said it was GORGEOUS! She did miss being able to walk around the island at any time but said the shopping and restaurants were really great and a much bigger selection. AND I think it's cheaper. Not sure how close to the consulate they were but not too far, I don't think.

I think there are pros and cons to either way you go. But the construction on the island should be all done by now...right? They were doing all that for the Asian games and I can't remember the dates of that.

Gosh, you are leaving SO SOON! I'm so *jealous*!! :)

Karin said...

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Shifu which was near the island--about a 20 min. walk. It was great because we had a HUGE room (we had Zoey and Kate and still had tons of space) but we had the island, too. I personally love the island and wouldn't stay anywhere else. We have had to stay off the island twice and I didn't like it nearly as much.

Just my personal thing. :)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Pearl Market in Beijing. Never miss going there. :)

amyhusted said...

Nope, you know we haven't been there but we'll say many prayers for all of you and know that you will receive many blessings on your travel.

Jenny said...

Hey girl- Ok- we stayed off the Island at the China Hotel which is a Marriott. And oh, it was so wonderful. We stayed there when we traveled to adopt Katie Mei back in 2005. And we loved it then too.

The hotel is right between two beautiful parks- which we spent a bunch of time with. There is a Starbucks in the hotel and lots of good food close by.

We did go to the pearl market in Beijing- and loved it. Didn't see anything like it in Beijing.

Bring some clothes- but we bought some there for Lauren. She was tiny. And so the clothes we brought were a little big. Toys were a huge hit. We brought a tea set, a baby doll, and the biggest hit was a pretend Belle cell phone. She LOVED that. SO were bubbles and bath toys. And a lollipop was always welcome. ;)

Email me if you have any other questions- shoes and such! Since our girls share so many things!! : )

Serving the King said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I just may see you there! We are leaving January 13th but as advice goes....I got nuthin. I'm a rookie here. Do you have your travel dates??! Be blessed! Sonia

Jean said...

We have stayed at the white swan all 3 times and we love it! Love the breakfast and roaming the island to shop! Love the starbucks and all the families we see!
For us it is all a part of the experience. I am guessing sometime we may stay another place but we will see??

So excited for you!! let us know what you decide!! Woo Hooo- Jenna, your Momma and Babba are coming to get you!!

Kathy R. said...

Hi Angie, Our last trip was 2009, for Terri.
1. We stayed at the Victory Hotel in GZ, in the Annex Bldg (located right next to Victory Hotel). LOVED IT! Much bigger room than a room in the Victory Hotel (Laura & Abby's trip). Our room even had an extra sitting room which we used for a play area & eating area (I love the Victory fried rice plate--yum!). The extra space was wonderful because we weren't tripping over each other! Victory also gives free computer in room. Bank to exchange money was right across the street.
2. There's an outdoor playground near the Victory Hotel which Charlie & Jenna will truly love!
3. Starbuck's is around the corner from Victory Hotel Annex.
4. Subway sandwich shop is downstairs from Victory Hotel Annex.
5. You've gotta check out the Electronics Mall--5 floors of DVD's & anything electronic. Wonderful! (I believe it's located on the island)
6. The 7-11 is still there.
7. Please eat at "Lucy's" for their yummy burger & fries, and delicious steak dinner!
Safe travels my friend :)

Elaine said...

We stayed on the island in a small Victory hotel room. White Swan had huge prices due to a world conference going on. But I loved walking to the shops. We had chops custom made for each of bio kids at home in 24hrs. Also, I had 2 chinese jackets made for myself (48hrs.) They are custom fit and you chose the style and details. There is a store owner name Jordan who is a Christian on the island. He will write you child's name in chinese characters as a gift to them. My favorite place, however, was the wholesale pearl market just off the island. It was about a 20min. walk from the Victory. Our guide got our group in and we were able to watch them hand string pearls, about $20 a strand. If you'd like to see some pictures, you can visit our blog at Look in the April '08 archive.

Alyson and Ford said...

We stayed on the island, so no recommendation for you. We did do several post on lists and lessons learned: check October 02, 11, 20, 2008 posts (we traveled in Sept 2008).
Have a wonderful journey!

Alyzabeth's Mommy