Sunday, December 5, 2010

Waiting...with a positive note

Waiting...waiting...waiting for our travel approval from China. Why must this process take so dog-gone long? We received an update from our agency, and they said there are 3 of us families waiting with them for TAs. It should be any day now. Any day...and then we can make our travel arrangements. Maybe there is still a glimmer of hope that we can be lovin' on Jenna Mei for Christmas? Maybe??
But we did get some great news on a portion of our trip while we're in China.

No more mandatory vaccinations!!!!! We have the option of signing an affidavit, giving us the right, as her parents, to give her immunizations when we feel it's time.

The US government has finally backed off of this one, and is letting families make the decision. What a novel idea...parents making the decisions that they deem best for their kids without government intervention!

I've never understood this process, that I personally feel is so cruel.

Here is a child, with complete strangers, namely "mom & dad," heading in for a medical check in a strange place, with strange doctors, and getting poked an average of 5 times!

We don't even do that here when our babies are little.

I'm so thankful that this has changed.

Amarin had to have shots in Thailand, and it broke my heart to see him trying to hold back the tears while getting these shots. There's so much change and turmoil for the little ones...this is just one less stress for them.
Now...where on earth is that TA?


Lori said...

Ummm, yeah...where on earth is your TA? For goodness've waited long enough!

Come on TAs!

Jenny said...

Oh praise God!! I am so thankful that sweet Jenna won't have to go through that. And why didn't they pass is last week???? AAAAHHHH. Praying for your TA. :)

Sugar Momma said...

I'm guessing the shots thing was newer than our two adoptions. I don't remember anyone having to get shots. But, I am glad that they no longer have to do that...I about died doing the blood work and such after we returned home.

C'mon TA!!! :) Or how about my Texas twang...Let's head 'em up and move 'em out!! Yee Haw! :)

Amy Murphy said...

I hope your TA comes soon.
Wow! No more mandatory vaccs! That's awesome!!!! Yeah, I seriously did not enjoy that day when we were there.

amyhusted said...

So grateful for you and Jenna's sake to not have to go through the Vaccination stuff. All in God's time is all I can say for the TA stuff - and all in God's time for my own family adopting. But what I do have to say is, WHEN GOD, WHEN????? ;)