Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We're Done!

With school, that is. We had our last day of homeschool co-op on Monday, and then two more days of school at home. I know, I know...everyone else is finished. Don't tell my kids, OK?
I just feel the need to finish up projects before the holiday. It makes me feel more relaxed.Next week we'll be off, too. I think we're all ready for a break.
Of course, I'll have to do lesson planning...I'd rather do China travel planning...

Here's a science project that we all really enjoyed. We have been studying the human body, and we used this awesome curriculum that had all of the internal body parts to cut out and assemble as we learned about them. Let me tell you...I don't think either boy will be headed into the medical field. They got pretty grossed out talking about the organs and blood. Especially when I told them what the doctors had to do to their Papa during open-heart surgery...ya actually get to the heart.

Charlie's in on the act now. We decided to take him out of kindergarten at our local school, and teach him at home the rest of the year. He's happy to be working with his brothers...'cause he's a big boy now, too, since he gets to stay home. We have some math and ABC work for him to do, and he's eager to work.

Jacob told me to post this photo and tell you all how "blue" they were feeling today. We took our own fingerprints (a whole lot faster than waiting for an immigration appt.!) during our science study...and...well...I think we'll all have blue fingers for a few days.


Adeye said...

Yayyeeeee....enjoy the days off, friend.

Beautiful boys :)

Karin said...

So good to have a few days of vacation isn't it?! :) Yay!!!

amyhusted said...

We too had school planned but plans got changed and I planned a special excursion to the theater for the Yogi movie. So hats off to you cause you made it and didn't get off track, Yahoo!!! Since Charlies at home now does that mean that we may get more play dates? I hope so cause we're so missing you guys.