Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Almost ready...and prayers

We're almost ready to go.
I'm tellin' ya...I'm looking forward to being on that plane so that all is done and I can just chill...for 14 hours. OK...so that's a long time. But I'm ready.
You would think that since this is our 4th time adopting and preparing to go overseas, we'd be pros at this. Nope. Still stressing about fitting everything into suitcases, if we have the right meds, all the paperwork, kids are packed and ready to go to their own destinations...
Oh, yeah...
and the three boys are all coughing and have sore throats.
So, I thought I'd better put out the prayer requests NOW!
Please pray...
*for good health for ALL 7 of us.
*that coughs and sore throats will be gone before we leave
*timely and safe flights
*that luggage reaches our destinations timely and in one piece
*that we don't have to go through those dumb body scanners at security...how embarrassing!
*that all paperwork is accurate and accounted for in my handy-dandy accordian file.
*for Jenna's heart...that she's quickly comfortable and happy with us.
*for the kids remaining here that they are safe, comfortable, healthy, and not missing us...well, maybe missing us just a little!
*for the caregivers back here...health, patience, and fun!
*that we will be prayerful and thankful while in China for all our blessings


amyhusted said...

Wow - I am sending prayers your way and hoping that your cold remedies are blessed by God and that those boys are healed quickly. We've been using the Cell Salt Bioplasma and love it. Prayers and Blessing flying your way!!!!

Shonni said...

I will be praying...
and I am so excited for you!!!

Adeye said...

So, so, soooooooo excited for you, friend. Go get that baby love. Post a whole bunch of pics :)