Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday Photos- 1/21

*Bathing much fun!

*Bubbles are so much fun in the tub! Jenna laughed at Charlie's bubbles and tried to blow her own.

*Look at that smile!
*Waiting to go to the airport...last look at Chongqing.

*Playing her leapster with Daddy. She wants to do it all by herself...hands off, Daddy.

*Listening to Daddy's "ipie"

*The lobby at the JW in Chongqing. The Chinese New Year begins on Feb. 3 and decorations are going up everywhere!

*More decorations going up!

*Stickmen. These men, and sometimes women, come in from the countryside when harvest season is finished. They walk around with their bamboo poles looking to carry heavy loads for people. There is special housing (called slums) for them during this work season. It's not uncommon to see senior men carrying large, heavy loads. They work hard!

*Walking/shopping area around the corner from our hotel. From what we saw in Chonqing, and what we're seeing here...there's some money here. We've seen a lot of high-brow automobiles, and the prices in the stores are not cheap.

*The place of the "clothing police" incident. Ahem.

*Charlie checking out his new DVDs, drinking his Chinese tea at Starbucks.

*Jenna slurping (loudly) her tea at Starbucks.
*Waiting to go to the last look onto Chongqing. (Note to Angie - I believe this is a repeat. I've received this photo three times! *strange*CLO)

*Such a patient girl at the airport...delay and all!

*Jenna's first flight. She's not smiling here, but she did enjoy it and was very good the entire flight...aside from repeatedly pushing the call button for the stewardess!


Holly said...

I have to tell you that I laughed out loud when I read about the incident with the clothing police and Elaina came toddling over and asked, "Mama, why Ha Ha HA?"
It was hilarious. So I told her the story in my words and she said, "China mei mei no cold, Mama...No you Mama, okay?" Yep the whole story summed up by a 2 year old. Hilarious!!
Love the decorations!!
How are your kiddos at home doing??

Sarah said...

Such a precious girl! Blessings to you on the rest of your journey.

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

Love the pictures!

Diane Rhines said...

So excited for you all! Internet is great for sharing with all & staying in touch. Praying for good test results =)!