Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

Care for scorpions in your soup? Apparently they can help rid your body of toxins.

Bags of stuff...I guess it's all used in food for medicinal purposes.
We're listening to Cordelia tell the uses of these things...kind of in disbelief that people would actually consume some of it. We even saw snake skins, and if you cook them in your soup, you can get rid of rheumatism.

And what on earth are these?? not touch anything!

Lisa...this photo is for you. Split pants in bronze!

Shopping streets lined with lots of New Year decorations and lots of people.

Dear bunnies, I'm hoping you're heading to a home as a pet!

Breathe in….breath out…breathe in…breathe out. I’m reminding myself to breathe while riding in the taxi cabs over here. And I have to remind myself that ¼ of the earth’s population live in this country. They have to vie for their place, whether it’s on the road, in a store, or just walking down the sidewalk. I’ve come to the conclusion, though, that they are very good drivers. They would have to be in order to avoid the one million possible collision opportunities that arise within a ½ mile distance. Yes, we’re experiencing a bit of overload today.

Great news…none of the girls in our group had a problem with the TB results. All the nurse had to do was look at their arm. Cordelia will take care of our US paperwork, and we will be sworn in on Wednesday at the US consulate.

We’ve had another fun day with our friends here. After going to get the TB check, we walked through a market, just across the river from the island. It didn’t phase us as much this time to see the weird things…living and nonliving. But we reminded the boys not to touch ANYTHING, even the cute puppies, kittens, and bunnies that were in cages. I’m thinking a rabbit (as a pet) may be the thing to get for the New Year since it’s the year of the rabbit.

We walked a bit, shopped a little, and then went for a Cantonese lunch. Most was very tasty, but none of us were real fond of the chicken. This particular chicken dish is only cooked until it’s barely done and has the bones and gristle mixed in with it. Of course, I didn’t hear this until I had a piece in my mouth. I neatly tucked the rest away at the edge of my plate and told Charlie not to eat another bite of that.

The kids are really being little troopers, but even today, we sense the overload with them, too. Too much wait time, walk time, taxi time, and just not time to unwind and play. We’re scheduled to go to the safari park tomorrow, but we’re not sure if that’s a good idea, or perhaps we should just hang out to rest and play here at the hotel. There’s also a really nice park across the street that we visited when we were here in 2005. Perhaps we’ll visit that.

Jenna is learning how to say Charlie’s name. She’s also learned how to shush us…because we’ve had to shush her LOUD singing at times. She also knows “uh-oh.” I’m assuming the word “no” will follow suit quickly. She loves to be held and as soon as we reach our hotel door, she holds her arms up to Jamie, smiling, and saying “baba.” There have been very few times when her wish has not been granted. She likes to splash Charlie in the tub, but does not like to be splashed. She and Charlie will playfully hit each other with their stuffed animals and she thinks it’s fun…until Charlie actually hits her. We are thankful that she’s becoming more and more comfortable with us everyday!

She has the cutest way of telling us she has to go potty. It’s always the same string of sounds in her sentence, that we have no idea the meaning, but her little whiney voice and repetitious sounds are clear. Then we ask, “Shasha, neow, neow?” which means, “pee, pee.” And she smiles and nods. She’s very proud of herself when she goes potty. And she loves to play with the slippery bars of soap in the sink afterward. She plays, while washing her hands, and while my back is breaking holding this girl up to the sink. Speaking of going potty, this girl is a pro at using squatty potties. If you’re not familiar with these, picture walking into a bathroom stall, but instead of a toilet, there is only a hole in the ground. Yep. I remember standing there the first time I had to use one…staring and wondering how in the world this was going to work without me making a terrible mess of things. But Jenna walks in, throws her little leg over the hole, and does her thing. She is a hoot!

She is indeed funny, and she clearly knows how cute and funny she is. Last night, she and Jamie stayed a few minutes longer for dinner in the lounge while Charlie and I came back to get baths ready. When they got ready to leave, Jamie said that Jenna grabbed a package of butter. He told her “no” and was going to make her leave it. Jenna hid her face in her arms, and wouldn’t look at him until he gave it back. Yes, Jenna walked into our room a happy camper, holding her butter. Jamie is in so much trouble with this girl!

So after the harrowing taxi ride back to the hotel, it’s naptime. Jamie went out and bought a few donuts…comfort food, I’m thinking.


amyhusted said...

Oh Jamie, you're such a softie. (I would be too.) Angie, I'd have to close my eyes while riding in the taxi's and the first time I saw a hole to potty in, I couldn't believe my eyes.

Holly said...

okay I love the "lizards on sticks" we saw them too..I think you boil them in water and drink it like tea. Sounds wonderful don't you think? ;)
I love those people though. I mean it. I had several near heart attacks in the backseat of some cars over there too. The drivers laughed at me. Yeah.
Love reliving the time there through you :)

Adeye said...

Okay all the creepy crawlies are my worst part about China. Ugh. No fun at all for a veggie girl like me :)

It is so much fun journeying with you. It almost feels like yesterday that we were there.

And your angel love? Perfect in every way.

Sugar Momma said...

I remember the smells that went with all that dried out stuff. It was...umm, different.

For some reason, I keep commenting and they won't go through.

Know that we are praying for you all and love that Jenna seems to be really coming into the idea that being a Miller is a good, good thing :)

I love that she already has Daddy wrapped around her finger. She is just so could he not be?

And Char patting her on the back and loving on her...that is just precious!!

I have sooo enjoyed following your journey :)